Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obligatory Rambling First Post

Okay, so, well, here we go...and we can all hope that only the FIRST post is rambling, eh? :)

This will, of course, be very oddly formatted and somewhat random I KNOW what I'm doing??? No, I don't...not really. Let's just dive right in with some bullet points, because The Cat loves the bullet points. And also ellipses.

*It is very tempting to refer to oneself in the Third Person Singular...aka "The Cat". Too tempting, truly. One can only imagine that it could lead to Garth Brooks Syndrome in which one refers to oneself in the Third Person Plural. "We've got a great tour coming up!" Yo, Garth, you got a mouse in your pocket?

*Bullet points should not be so long and meandering.

*First Person Singular...alas. Me, I, my...but didn't your Composition 111 teacher just take a fit about too many of those words in a paper? The Cat...I will just have to watch paws.

* In a similar vein, I had to decide how to refer to members of my family. Do I make up cutesy names? I asked Mr. Cat (and if you know Mr. Cat in person, you know why I'm tempted to use his real first name along with the cutesy cat lingo) and he said that was Not Necessary. So, no Sissy Cat and Bubba Eleanor and Brabbinger...dang.

*The purpose of this blog, and you may now consider yourself formally warned, is to give me space to babble. If you know me in real life, you probably don't think I'm shy. I am. Don't read my blog if you don't want to find out what's really behind that bland Midwestern facade. Hehehehehe....

*This is not a homeschooling blog, a knitting blog, a crocheting blog, a cross-stitching blog, or a cooking blog. But wouldn't it be COOL if you could design a blog that would DO all those things for you?!

*The Cat homeschools, knits (badly!), crochets, cross-stitches, cooks, reads, watches bad reality TV, and overthinks things. Therefore, these topics and so many more will be addressed via this blog.

And I think that's probably all the more I should do with this first post! Now to figure out how to edit it, post it, all that nonsense.


CatsAnonymous said...

Can I post the obligatory first suck-up comment?

Your blog is SO cool! I LOVE the cat theme! I wish I had a cat name too! Man, that would be cool! Wow! Where'd you get the idea? Wow! Your cat is SO neat! You say you knit? And crochet? And homeschool? Wow! How NEAT! How COOL! Isn't this internet thing COOL! Isn't it NEAT? WOW! Catz RULE, d00d! WOW!

Beth said...

DOOD! As an icebreaker u SO rule! Thanx 4 rtng!

What time are you guys getting here for Thanksgiving?

Jim said...

We'll hit the road Friday morning, with ETA sometime that afternoon, I guess.

Beth said...

Sounds like a plan...will email you if I need more details.

mandolinartist said...

I was going to say... all that suck-up business must be a relative!

Scott said...

Nothing like babbling midwestern blogs! I love 'em!

Beth said...

He did have me fooled for at first; I thought it was one of his boys. But Natalie said "Oh no, that's Uncle Jim" We know him too well, I guess. :)

Beth said...

Scott, I'm Midwestern. I don't think the blog has declared any kind of affiliation. :) Blogs sometimes have a mind of their own.

Oh wait...that would make them free-will blogs, probably...well, forget I said that.

rebecca said...

Haha! Natalie knows all about getting strange comments from my dad... :D