Friday, December 28, 2007

More Flexibility

I wrote that whole post about Christmas traditions and didn't even think to mention food! We don't have much in the way of really solid Christmas food traditions, but we have a few things that have to fit in somewhere.

At some point around Christmas day we have to have a meal that involves summer sausage, cheese spread/ball (this year it was Boursin, which is my new favorite!), good crackers, candy, cookies, and sparkling apple cider. This is usually our Christmas night meal, but this year things got rearranged and we ended up having it on the 26th.

We also really, really try very, very hard to have spumoni ice cream at some point during the Christmas season. But this year there seems to be some sort of anti-Italian ice cream forces at work in our city, and there was NO spumoni to be found! Ah well..we'll find some in Illinois and eat it on New Year's Eve. :)

Other than those things we have lots of good food around the holiday, but it varies from year to year. We've done everything from turkey to roast beef to shrimp casserole for Christmas dinner. Natalie and I like to try different cookie recipes and this year Natalie made butter mints for the first time. Tom got me a candy thermometer, so I want to try making real toffee (as opposed to the yummy, but not authentic, cracker toffee we usually make) and also divinity and pecan logs.

Well, that's it for me for now. I may be able to blog from Illinois, we'll see. Colin is feeling much better and we might actually get a bit of sleep tonight. Last night he (and the rest of us) got about 4 hours, and most of that was after 5:00 AM. Of course we slept past the "sick clinic" hour at the pediatrician's office...argghh! But we are very thankful to the head of Clan Little (would his title be Chieftan? Someone let me know...Mandolinartist, you know these things...) for taking time out of his busy day to give us some recommendations to get Colin's cough under control.

Tomorrow we hit the highway...pray for us, please!


Natalie said...

Mmm...that Boursin cheese was GOOD!!! *says the person who probably ate 1/2 the little package of cheese* :D

Natalie said...

And there better be some spumoni ice cream in Illinois...they had it in Oregon! It does exist!

Rebecca said...

That's what I was gonna say (about ice cream in OR)!

mandolinartist said...

Well, the "Little Man" could technically be Chief, probably not literally, if his household is THE Little Clan... Clan Little, but could you imagine him as a chief? wearing a kilt or maybe as a Native American chief with feathers or something! :)

mandolinartist said...

You all have interesting food habits. First of all, sausage left from summer is probably not good to eat. I would never have ice cream with spumoni in it, and you really need to stop eating, (and making,) fake toffee! Northerners and their habits! :) HA

Mrs. Darling said...

I am from oregon and I just had spumoni on the 30th! LOL

Missing you!

mandolinartist said...

Okay, okay... northerners can be nice people! (Let's not get started on southerners, right?) Actually, over Christmas, we were in one of the last "official" southern, traditional town (towns) with New England dialects, old buildings, (still standing and even in use,) and other "shocking" features... the northern neck of Virginia!

I guess I miss you all too. I will be glad when the Cat gets back in its Adage! :)

Natalie said...

Uh...this is what summer sausage is:

And spumoni ice cream is like Neopolitan, but with pistachio, chocolate, and cherry flavored ice cream. It's really good! Oh, and we found some in must be a northern thing! ;)

Jim said...

Is it still alive?

Did it eat tasty crunchy things with the nasty hobbitses in Springfield?

Did it find The Precious?

(In other words: you're back - it's time for a new blog entry!)