Friday, December 21, 2007

So...I'm Fair and Balanced???

You Are 32% Democrat

You're a bit Democrat, and probably more liberal than you realize.
If you're still voting Republican, maybe it's time that you stop.


rebecca said...

I'm only 12% Democrat.

Uncle Jim said...

Here's a shocking surprise: I'm 16% Democrat and 64% Republican. I'll reserve the balance for the Ron Paul Party... :)

I think I'd have gotten a zero in the Demo poll if not for the George Bush questions (which could have been checked "yes" for just about every President since James Buchanan).

Just an aside: is your church filled with followers of Hucka-Hucka-Boom-Boom, or do they see the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter through his shallow disguise?

(Someday, I'll learn to assertively state my opinions - I'm such the shrinking violet! After all, I'm a denim-wearing homeschool mom, and I have the jumper to prove it! Well, OK - so those are jumper cables, but you get the idea...)

mandolinartist said...

16% Democrat