Friday, January 11, 2008


Have any of you considered doing the 888 challenge this year?

I'm drawn to it, but seriously wavering because of the sheer magnitude of the idea of reading 64 (56 if you take the cheat) books in one year.

When I was 15 that would have been easy-peasy; I could probably read three or four books a week back then. But now...ulp!

I went around the house and inventoried all the books I have on hand that I haven't read and I came up with 33. Which number is not divisible by 8 and does not fit the triple digit formula to work with the year. And some of these are whacking great tomes (probably why I haven't attempted them yet!) like all the volumes of Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples. And Paul Johnson's A History of Christianity. And 6 immense Dickens' novels, one hefty Trollope, and a lesser-known Mark Twain of considerable thickness and small type.

Then I considered what other books I could buy or borrow to make up the 64 (56) and I can think of quite a few. And if I were to run out of ideas I know where to find more; there are 888 lists popping up everywhere online. Plus I know all these bookish people who would probably bombard me with stacks of worthy books if I asked to borrow some. My dad is right next door, for one. Eeep!

You know what this means, don't you? More reading means less computer time. If I'd had a computer when I was 15 I highly doubt that I would have read as much. Lucky for me, computers when I was 15 took up buildings several blocks long. :)

So...ponder, ponder, ponder...think, think, think...debate, debate...anybody got an opinion on whether or not I could pull this off?


Scott said...

Last year I only read 24, so I don't think I will make the 56 either!

Rebecca said...

I'm doing this! Maybe not "officially", because if I have to do more bloggy stuff I'll never get anything read...

Magistra Mater said...

I'm very impressed that you only have 33 unread books in your house. I'd cringe to take an actual count in mine...

What I like about this challenge is the way it broadens the participant's reading by having the eight categories.

My reading right now could be categorized as: school (reading with my 16 yr old), England, Scotland, economics, Wendell Berry and Latin. Trollope needs to get back in the system. And I've added Mrs. Gaskell to the mix of Victorian writers I'm reading. Aw, Dickens, where are you?

Since I've joined PaperBackSwap, I have shelves of books just waiting to be read. Shelves...


Carol in Oregon

mandolinartist said...

I was checking for a new blog... I guess you are busy reading! :)

Beth said...

Carol, thanks so much for stopping by!

Scott, you've made me feel much better because I know you are a serious reader...if you can't read 56 books in a year I don't think I'll attempt it. :)

Mandolinartist, I'll try to post this afternoon. Some of us didn't get the day off from teaching. :) Although my youngest student IS outside right now in the freezing rain, trying to build a snow fort with a half-inch of snow. :)