Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Poseur Knitter

Nope, I don't think I'm a real knitter. Not a Velveteen Rabbit, no way.

Because, you see, I can't/won't master the purl stitch. I've tried, and I can do the stitch. What I can't do is make it look right along with the knit stitch. One or the other is too tight, so when I knit into a purl or vice versa I end up with a lopsided, bumpy, weird stitch.

Though I don't know a lot about knitting, I know it is wrong for my stitches to look that way. Stockinette stitch is supposed to be a smooth field of little lined-up v's, all lying up against each other smooth and snug.

Have I given it a fair try? Possibly not. I have tried with acrylic, cotton, and wool yarns. I have tried with bamboo needles and plastic needles, straights and circs. Am I giving up too fast? Quite possibly!

I might be able to master the purl stitch with lots more practice. Maybe I should have the strength of character to push through the barriers and solve this tension problem.

But, here's the deal...I find knitting boring. I'm not a "process" knitter, I'm a "product" knitter. So far the only product I can produce is garter stitch dishrags. I would like to make mittens, socks, and a shawl. But if I have to spend months making boring swatches trying to get purling down, I may go crazy before I get to any of those things!

I'm thinking of cheating. :) I crochet and don't have these problems with crochet stitches. Shawls can probably be crocheted, although it may take some searching to find a pattern for a thin, lacy crocheted shawl. But here's the cheat I'm considering for socks and mittens:

Sock Knitting Loom


Mitten Knitting Loom

So, am I giving up too soon?


Natalie said...

Poseur...ha-ha, hee-hee...

Beth said...

Okay, so I went with the French spelling. Can't a person have a little class even if she can't knit?!

mandolinartist said...

I don't really knit either. I can crochet. In fact, I taught my AIG students to crochet this week. We read a play about penguins who were involved with a tanker's oil spill. People "knitted" sweaters for the penguins to keep warm while out of their habitat. We were not as ambitious as to make a sweater, just a few stitches, which became a bracelet. Surprisingly enough, my AIG students are mostly boys, but they were nothing less than amazed with crocheting.

Beth said...

Pretty cool project, Mandolinartist. Supposedly most of what we now consider feminine crafts were originally done by men. Even back to the Bible where Bezaleel and his assistants made all the embroidered curtains for the tabernacle...along with doing a lot of building and carving, too.