Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Rebecca wants to know 10 things we'd want with us on a desert island. My list is probably much less exciting than Rebecca's or Natalie's, but I think it might be a bit more practical. :)

1. My husband (who is a hilarious guy, but probably wouldn't be for long on a desert island)

2. My Bible

3. A complete set of the Everyman's Library

4. A working, clean bathroom with flush toilet (and toilet paper!) and shower

5. Some place shady and comfortable to sit or sleep

6. A nutritious food source

7. My contacts and eye drops

8. An extra set of clothes

9. A laptop with WiFi connection :)

10. Dark chocolate

This was fun! I'm sure by tomorrow I will remember something else I would be unable to live without...


Rebecca said...

I was having trouble deciding between my glasses and my journal...my hilarious guy will tell me about all the things 15 feet away that I can't see :D

Jim said...

Were you planning on drinking your eye drops, or just from the shower (or that other water-filled device)?


mandolinartist said...

Now watching a 'half-blind' person, (and I can definitely sympathize,) wonder around with a 'hilarious' guy describing everything in site within a 15 feet radius would definitely be HILARIOUS. I could see why you would need a hilarious guy now. (Maybe you should package them and put them on the market.)

mandolinartist said...

Hhhhmmm... I will have to think about a list for me... especially since I have just 10 choices!

mandolinartist said...

1. My husband
2. My Bible
3. Laptop with Internet access
4.Paper and pens, pencils, drawing supplies
5. Blanket
6. Toolbox with tools
7. Extra socks and shoes
8. My cell phone (assuming I could get service)
9. Toothbrush and toothpaste as well as other basic toiletries

10. hhhmmmm.... maybe pictures of family and friends... or a map... or a raft...
Having access to the internet and tools for making things could take care of several of these needs anyway.

This is definitely thought provoking!