Thursday, January 24, 2008

There Aren't Any Good Songs with "Thursday" In The Title

**So, on the desert island would I be drinking out of the shower or the commode? See, that's why the first item on my list was My Husband. When I posed this question to him he pointed out that by stating I wanted a "nutritious food source" I had left that category open enough that it could even be represented by a grocery store. It might have been better to say "a source of nutritious food". The grocery store would sell bottled water and other beverages. It would also sell deodorant, shampoo, and a bunch of other things that I would call necessities if I thought about it long enough. Although he did say that one could possibly manage without deodorant by showering a LOT. But that would leave me less time to read all those books...or to drink out of the toilet.

**Why is there no "open quote" in Blogger? When I type quotes they both end up being close quotes. Strange.

**So what you've got to ask yourself is do I feel Economically Stimulated. Well, do ya, Punk?

**I was going to start trying to be less sarcastic.

**The government is going to give us Free Money. Isn't that special? What's the scoop, anyway, those of you (cough-Jim-cough) who know these this one of those deals where we'll have to pay it all back out of whatever refund we might get on our 2008 returns? Or are we just going to pay it off "painlessly" in higher taxes for years to come?

**Why do I feel like doing everything in my power to keep from spending this money? It should probably go directly to our emergency fund, which needs a shot in the arm anyway. (I am whispering this bullet point so that the washing machine and water heater don't hear me and start feeling ill.)

**And, to just get all the snarkiness out of my system for now, we'll assume this is the Bread. Where are the Circuses? That was a really silly question in an election year, wasn't it? :)

**But there are those new Macs out there. Not that the one I'm typing on right now isn't perfectly lovely and very fast and healthy and spiffy and not that I would dream of retiring it in favor of say a...laptopthatdoesn'ttakeupsomuchroomonthedeskandisportable... never mind.

**About bread (but not circuses because I hate clowns). I make bread, and Natalie makes bread now, too. We almost never buy bread or rolls or hamburger buns or pizza crust. Sometimes bagels, because we haven't learned to make them yet. We could probably buy most of our bread at Aldi and pay a bit less than it costs to make it. But we are spoiled now and we don't like cheap store bread. I can't even stand to walk past the bread aisle in the grocery store because I can smell all the preservatives...yuck!!

**My point there is that by making something ourselves we get a better product than we could afford otherwise. People don't think about that enough these days. Sure, you can shop at WalMart (I don't, but you can!) and get all manner of things at budget prices. Or you can go to the other extreme and shop at Whole Paycheck or Fresh Market and get really yummy food for high prices. If I worked for pay I think a lot of my paycheck, if not the whole thing, would go toward paying for the things I do now...we'd have to pay private school tuition, buy all the food that we make from scratch now...those are the two that stick out right now.

**Right now I'm reading The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs.

**I don't think I'm more contented yet. But I've only made it to the second chapter.

**I finished Raising Demons by Shirley Jackson last week. It's not about raising demons, really. Truly.

**Before we went to Illinois I bought yarn to crochet a scarf to go with my new winter coat. While we were there I realized none of my crochet hooks were big enough to work with this yarn. Of course I realized that AFTER we had shopped at Hobby Lobby and at a knitting store. So, when we got home I bought new crochet hooks...which were not available in the local craft stores and had to be purchased through Ebay. Now I've got the hooks, got the yarn, and got the pattern. But I don't like how this yarn works up crocheted. Drat.

**Drat, again. Because you know what this means? It means I really need to knit this scarf. Actually, I really need to knit this scarf. It's just garter stitch, so even I can do it, and it will work really well with this yarn. But, and I know some of you can see this coming already, I don't have the right size needles to knit it on. And the needles I want are probably not available at the local craft stores.

**If I were a pagan I'd say something about the "universe" and its desire to keep me from having this scarf. But, I'm not, and I won't, and while I wait to get my needles I'll keep reading Burroughs' book...

**It's not that we live in an area completely deprived of knitting and crocheting supplies. I use weird flexible plastic hooks and needles because I get sore arms, wrists, and hands really easily and the plastic is warmer and holds off the pain a lot longer.

**This is Thursday, the day that Natalie cooks supper. Hurray for Thursday!! Since I don't need to do any supper prep this afternoon I should instead be: reading, making yogurt, and blogging.

**There's one done. Next up---yogurt!


mandolinartist said...

What is a person, you know, a person who reads your blogs and comments and makes Meezes and...does other stuff, to say about all this!

For now...
Don't give up the sarcasm. (If you do, (and I do, which will not happen,) I guess we can just stare at each other and nod on Sundays during fellowship time!) :)
;<0 (This is a sarcastic smiley face!)

I was never like this until...

Jim said...

Until you visited Illinois? ;)

Natalie said...

I was never like this until...

"It's all her fault. I was a very funny person, but she said..." :D

Yes, that would be rather dull...a total lack of sarcasm...ugh. *shivers*

(For Mom: imagine a "Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster" face and accompanying British accent for that last line there...)

Of course no one else knows what I'm talking about.

Jim said...

As far as the "free money" thing goes... It's all paper and ones and zeros, right? What does it matter if we issue a few hundred billion to the little people?

In all seriousness, imagine you're sitting at a table with nine other people. Everyone has a single gold piece until Br'er Bush's amusing little plan is passed into law (or simply "passed," like all other finely-scented effluents). The Table Master seizes all of the gold pieces, then chops them into thirds.

The Table Master then redistributes the gold pieces - Voila! Everyone now has THREE! Go forth and spend, spend, spend!

Of course, the Table Master's sheers are dull, and there's some loss as he cuts through those fine coins. It's not much on a per-coin basis, but by the time you add it all together, you see that the Table Master is the one person who's actually coming out ahead in this arrangement.

So, yep - you'll probably be about $1,200 "richer" when this little scheme is implemented. Will that "extra money" make up for the continued worldwide USD devaluation, or will it only encourage the mindlessly gullible to continue their "support of the war effort?"

(That's spending time in the mall, for those of you who weren't aware of the Grand American Strategery.)

Feh. $1,200 will buy a decent rifle, a functional shotgun, and a small stash of ammo for both. I'll wager that the value of well-motivated lead will soon exceed that of the mighty dollar.

Rebecca said...

"$1,200 will buy a decent rifle, a functional shotgun, and a small stash of ammo for both."

Or you could help me pay for college...or a car...

Jim said...

Remain calm, young Padawan. We have no need of (more of) those things...

'Twas merely a suggestion for the propellant-impaired amongst us... and meant none too seriously.

mandolinartist said...

Man, I really want to meet you all... I bet you have a blast in your household!

Beth said...

Mandolinartist, like really dark chocolate or very dry red wine this family is best experienced in small doses. :)

Jim, thanks for the overview, you confirmed what I was thinking about the macro and federal situation. But, being a basically selfish bear of little brain, what I really want to know is the effect on the completely micro and immediate level. If they give me $600 and next year I am supposed to get an $800 refund, do I then just get $200?

I know we're going to pay for this for a long time, I'm just wondering if we need to adjust our withholdings.

Young Padawan??? (Obscure cultural reference The Cat is not familiar with...Monkees?)

Jim said...

Beth, there's supposed to be a tax cut to go along with this deal, and the checks are an advance payment of that tax break. In theory, your example would look like this: they'll give you $1,800 ($1,200 per couple, plus $300 per child) and next year your refund will still be $800 - but not $2,600.

Unfortunately, they're calculating these rebates off last years' taxes, and individuals' tax situations have the nasty habit of changing from year to year.

"Padawan" = over-used Star Wars reference...

Btw, didn't we meet "Mandolinartist" when we visited your church, or did she avoid that privilege?

mandolinartist said...

Jim, I think you visited last when we had not yet joined and maybe were still visiting around or were perhaps out of town. I was hoping to meet you over the holidays, but I think you were at church with the parents... (I don't think I would forget meeting you all, (based on your blogging!)) :) :0

mandolinartist said...

Okay... so Jim, if you visited on Father's Day, (as the Cat said tonight at church,) I think I figured out that our anniversary is near Father's Day, so we were probably out of town, in Pennsylvania this past year.

I think everyone is agreed that we all would not forget a thing like meeting each other... (I guess we all have our stories... Maybe we need a shirt like Colin with a bear that says "Bear with Me.")