Friday, February 1, 2008


Last night we had a really good, really decadent supper. It was Natalie's night to cook and she made bacon, hardboiled eggs, and pancakes. The hardboiled eggs are there as a sort of Puritanical protein ballast. I don't know why.

The whole thing was very, very, very good. I ate two big pancakes and one small one, one egg, and a bunch of bacon.

Here's the problem, though. Today the whole house smells like...bacon. Natalie cooked the bacon in the oven, and she had the exhaust fan going the whole time. But the smell still managed to permeate the house.

This morning we opened up windows and doors and ran all the exhaust fans to try to air it out. It's a balmy 32 degrees Fahrenheit here, and it's raining. I ate breakfast (a COLD smoothie) wrapped in an afghan to try to stay warm. Natalie is wearing long underwear under her flannel-lined jeans.

Finally, I had had all I could take of the airing-out. I told Natalie to boil some vinegar and spices to clear the air instead. So, she closed everything up and did that, and it smelled really spicy and yummy while it was boiling.

But now the boiling is done, the windows are closed, we are finally thawing out. And the house cinnamon...and bacon.

When I held the cat a few minutes ago, her fur smelled like bacon.


Rebecca said...

>When I held the cat a few minutes ago, her fur smelled like bacon.

Andrea was reading this over my shoulder and said, "I thought she was the cat..."

Beth said...

Andrea, get out of my head. :)

I struggled with how to word that sentence. We don't call her "The Gracie Cat", but that was the only other solution I came up with. Saying "Gracie, the cat," just led me to the same conclusion you drew.

My hair did smell like bacon till I washed it.

mandolinartist said...

My... that was some serious bacon. Which kind of bacon do you buy? We use turkey bacon, and it smells for a while during and after cooking but not for days after freezing to death to try to get rid of the smell. (At least I don't think so, unless I just get use to the smell and don't really smell it anymore...) Poor the cat and THE CAT and Nat and Dad and Colin...

Shari said...

We like having breakfast for dinner, too. I've never tried boiling spices in vinegar. But, I do boil cinnamon and cloves in a little water. It gives the house a good, spicy smell quickly.