Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't Think and Bathe...or shower..

When you have distractions all around you all day long it can be hard to think. Human children follow you around saying things like "Mom, Mom, Mom....Mom...I...I forgot what I was going to tell you." Feline children follow you around informing you that the food bowl is empty again, and this house is boring, and no they don't want to go outside, well maybe they do but first let's stand here with the door open and think about it. The phone rings and annoying recordings tell you to vote for this candidate, or pay your overdue bills (if your name is Morton Vixleferber, and if it's not why did he give us this phone number?), or remember to get your teeth cleaned on Tuesday, and you have library books to pick up, and so forth.

So, when you finally get in the shower at night and the downpour of water drowns out all that distraction, it is tempting to use that time to debate options in your head...

I did that Monday night. I had a bunch of things churning in my brain, and I let them keep churning while I enjoyed a nice warm shower. I was still thinking as I toweled off and prepared to step out of the tub. That was the point at which it would have been prudent for me to shut down the brainstorming for a second or two to give my attention to getting myself safely out onto dry land. I didn't.

With my mind going 127 mph about something, I stepped out onto the rug with my right leg. My left leg should have followed smoothly along on the next step, but it didn't. Instead my big toe and the two next in line caught on the edge of the tub. Because of the principles Newton expressed in his First Law of Motion, the rest of my body kept moving and at a pretty fair clip at that.

May I just say here..."OUCH!!" Not only did I hurt those poor toes pretty fiercely, I pulled a muscle or group of muscles all the way up my leg to my hip joint. And, of course, two seconds after it happened I realized it was something stupid that I could have prevented by paying a little more attention to what I was doing.

I took some ibuprofen and felt sorry for myself. Tuesday it didn't feel too bad and I got around the house just fine, with an occasional gasp of pain when I stepped the wrong way. Wednesday I woke up and it was a lot worse. Why does the body work that way? Weird. Maybe it had something to do with the cold front that was coming through.

At any rate, Wednesday meant more ibuprofen, less walking around, and staying home from prayer meeting that night. Because, ironically, while it hurt quite a bit to walk around, it hurt even more to sit still in a socially-acceptable position. Today is Thursday and I can still feel it but I can tell it's getting better. I can bend my toes now without them hurting and I can walk without limping if I walk carefully.

Maybe I need some sort of waterproof decal to put in the shower. "Stop Thinking Before Exiting" Hmm...


mandolinartist said...

Ouch... that sounds like quite an event. I am glad you are better and able to post! We missed you at prayer meeting.

I know what you mean about showers, for me, the hotter the better, and I have thought so much and so long before that I was finishing washing my hair and forgot whether or not I bathed...

Shirley said...

But really, isn't that where we get some of our best ideas? When I have an idea, it usually has come to me in the shower. I think it's because the hot water relaxes me.

Hope your sore joints get better.

hookedonhouses said...

Hey, Beth, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the heads-up about the file name for the guessing game. I got it changed right away, thanks to your sharp eye! :-)

Check back soon and I'll show lots of interesting variations on that theme. They kind of fascinated me. -Julia