Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wow, how does the time go by so fast?! I keep thinking "Oh, it has been a couple of days since I blogged, better get a post written." Of course when I looked this morning I realized it had been over a week. Yikes!

So, what is everybody doing for the lovely "Hallmark holiday" of Valentine's Day? Or is this really St. Valentine's birthday? (checking Google)

Okay, I'm back. This is really confusing. Apparently there was more than one "Valentine" who was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, and today is in honor of two, or possibly three, of them...depending on who you believe. Interesting. Also interesting that the day had nothing to do with love and romance until the time of Chaucer. Okay, so that's enough history. Anybody who wants more details can go look at Wikipedia like I did. :)

Tom and I went out for Valentine's Day Monday night...because that's the sort of romantic people we are. :) No, we actually went out early for two reasons. One, to beat the crowds, and two, because our babysitter had other clients wanting her services for tonight. We ate at Carrabba's and had a lovely meal and a good time getting to talk and enjoy being out together.

This morning I came out of the bathroom to find a bag of Lindt Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles on my side of the bed. I've never read any of those books about "love languages", but I think if I have a love language it is Dark Chocolate. Fortunately, Tom knows this.

Tonight we'll have a nice dinner with Colin. Maybe afterward we'll watch a Kipper video, or read the next chapter of "Runaway Ralph". It sounds like a good cozy evening to me.

Have a happy Valentine's Day! Oh, in Japan, women have an obligation to give chocolate to all their male coworkers today. There is something seriously wrong with that idea.

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