Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Rebecca's Ten Things Tuesday post this week is "Ten Things For the Home That I LOVE". I had some grand plan of posting about Super Tuesday and asking for comments about how the primaries are coming out. But that's really too far out of my realm, isn't it? Let's stick with the home stuff meme.

Ten Things For The Home That I LOVE

1. KitchenAid Mixer (mine is cobalt blue)

2. Blue and White transferware dishes

3. Walls painted in neutral colors in most of the living areas

4. Ceramic-top stoves

5. Ceiling fans

6. Cross-stitched samplers and pictures

7. Oak cabinets...any oak furniture, for that matter (yes, I know it's out of style!)

8. Small thin vintage bath towels

9. Book shelves full of books

10. Braided rugs

That was fun, but I had to keep editing the list to keep it to just 10!


mandolinartist said...

In random order...
1. Art made by me
2. Extra wide, pillow back couch
3. Computer, my only connection to some friends and relatives
4. Organizers, (bookcases, cabinets, baskets, rubbermaids,etc)
5. Artsy Rugs
6. Clocks... gotta have a clock, (or several)
7. Cutting/Chopping Board
8. Sweatshirt Blanket
9. microwave
10. television

(Maybe my list should be called something like... 10 Things that Stand Out in my Home... 10 Things I use more than the Rest of the "STUFF" in my House... 10 Things that are Necessary for Many of my Activities... 10 Things that Stand Out in Other Houses... I could also add garbage cans to the list; I remember once I had my own desk as a child, I insisted on a garbage can beside the desk... Big stuff, huh?)

jennwa said...

We have a lot in common.
I want a mixer but do not actually have one.
I love neutral wall,ceramic stove top and ceiling fans.We have a lot oak furniture, it is a must for my husband. Love old vintage sinks too.
Great list.

Rebecca said...

I like the new look!

Shari said...

I like braided rugs, too. I tried making one, but ended up just making a braided pot holder.