Monday, February 4, 2008

What I Am Doing Today

**making bread

**catching up on laundry from the weekend

**watching Colin build with his Kapla blocks

**making yogurt (a 2-quart batch, we're going through it quickly lately with all the smoothies)

**researching savings accounts (anybody know anything about online banking with ING?)

**thinking about kitchens in general

**thinking specifically about countertops (how bad does Formica have to get before it's morally acceptable to replace it? how hard is it to install granite tile? how bad would a dark countertop look with black appliances? can Formica be painted and then coated with polyacrylic? and, if it can, how amateurish and weird does it look?)

**wondering how someone who likes O'Hare Airport can think of herself as Southern

**debating what to cook for 52 degree weather too warm for meatloaf?

**opening and shredding junk mail

**rescuing emails from Natalie from my spam folder...what does Earthlink know about her that I don't?

**thanking God for the rain even though it's making my sinuses hurt

It's an exciting life, I know, and not everybody would have the stamina to deal with it.


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Haha...I don't like O'Hare. And it's not so much thinking I'm Southern as it is telling people I am :P