Sunday, March 9, 2008



•I said last week that I was getting Colin's cold. But my sore throat and sniffles went away the next day. So, I said to myself, "Self, it was just allergies!" Until Friday, when I realized that the "allergies" had come back and were worse and I felt nasty. And so did Tom, because it is always so romantic to be sick at the same time as your spouse.

•I have not been to church since February 24th, and, yes, I had to get out my calendar to figure that out. Between staying home with Colin while he was sick, and now getting sick myself, I might just lose my assigned seat.

•Natalie went to church all by herself, and then went to Walgreens on a mission of mercy and Sudafed-buying. She went to the grocery store and got food for us yesterday, too. She's as good as a doctor who makes house calls, and she's even old enough now to buy the good Sudafed that really works.

•I have at least one really profound blog post stuck in my head behind a bunch of mucus.

•Now that there is this stuff called Mucinex and they advertise it on TV with pictures of big purple mucus monsters...I feel it is okay to say "mucus" on my blog. (That was not a sentence.)

•I have been sitting on the couch, sucking on Starlite mints (work about as well as cough drops without that queasy menthol stuff), reading fluffy books, and cross-stitching.

•When we had a Tarheel gathering at Dianne's house she gave me some Little House Needleworks charts...because she knew I wanted them and she is a sweetie. One was this one, and she had it all kitted up with threads and everything. It's one of the things I've been stitching on because it is easy and accomplishable and makes me feel better.

•I'm also working on this, but I think I need to hold off on the next section till I can think clearer.

•Maybe sometime I will rustle up a photographer to take a picture or two of these things so I can show my many readers. Meanwhile, look at the links.

•Reached typing limit. Headed back to couch. More later, hopefully with less mucus.

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jennwa said...

I hope you guys feel better soon. Maybe warm weather is right around the corner and we can get rid of all these colds.