Tuesday, March 4, 2008

But...but...(frustrated noises)....

So, I'm toodling along reading one of my favorite message boards, and I happen upon a thread called something along the lines of "What are you reading?" or "Read any good books lately?" I like that kind of thread. It makes me feel better about society to know that people are reading, even if a lot of what they're reading is garbage. Maybe they'll stumble across something worthwhile in the process. Plus I sometimes find books I hadn't heard of to add to my "must read someday" list.

But in the course of this particular thread someone posted a message that included this line:

"I am more of a writer than a reader."

The person then went on to mention the writing s/he had done lately. The writing s/he did instead of reading, because s/he is "more of a writer than a reader".


I tried to process that concept, but I think I broke something in my brain.


Natalie said...

A WHAT? No, this person prefers to voice their opinion rather than take anything in. Hmmph.

Jim said...

You're struggling with the concept? :)

Isn't that person's statement proof, in and of itself, of its own veracity?