Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crafty Progress--with Pictures!

I thought today I'd share some pictures of the craft projects I have in the works. Fortunately one of my photographers was available to snap a few pictures, so you can even see what I'm talking about.

First off, this is a design by Little House Needleworks called "The Rose in Morning". This one has been a quick stitch; I'm more than half done with it. I haven't decided whether to frame this one or make it into a pillow. Either way, I think it's destined for the master bedroom since the floral theme works well in there.

Second is another stitching project; this one is "Serendipity" by Papillon Creations. This is a free mystery stitch-along they designed for their newsletter subscribers. They could have charged as much as $20 for this chart, so getting it as a freebie is a pretty good deal. There are 9 sections to this design and I've got 4 almost completed. This will also be a bedroom picture when it's done. We have a lot of bare wall space in the bedroom!

Finally, this is my current crochet project. It's a ripple afghan, and it will be Colin's when it is done. He picked out the colors and the design; I think it will look pretty good in his bedroom when it's done. It is big enough now as it is, but I need to add a few more rows to get it up to 72 inches long. I want to enter it in the fair this fall, and they have a minimum size requirement of 52 x 72 (or is it 50 x 70? perhaps I should check?).

So, that's what I've been working on lately. I need to figure out what to crochet after the afghan is done. I would like to make a table runner to drape over the top of the piano, but that would be a more advanced, complicated project than I've tackled so far. So, we'll see. I always have a "next" project in mind for stitching; I will need to live a long time to get done all the things I want to do!


Rebecca said...

Oooh...I like the afghan!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my goodness, I once crocheted an afaghan using the same pattern. When I got done I noticed the one side just sloped off. Some how I didnt pay attention and one end was shorter than the other! LOL