Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

At last, this week Rebecca's Ten Things Tuesday is one I can participate in. (Maybe next week she can do 10 bad grammar mistakes and I can illustrate them all from sentences on my blog!) This week's category is Ten Favorite Stores.

I don't really enjoy shopping like I used to when I was young and had "my own money". Two things broke me of the habit of shopping and they both happened a little over 18 years ago. One, I gave birth to Natalie...and two, I quit my job to be a SAHM. (I hate that acronym, FWIW.) Suddenly we had no extra money; everything was budgeted for necessities. At first I thought I could still go hang out at the mall with my friends. Most of us were in similar financial states, but surely we could go to the mall and LOOK at things?!

Alas, I could not even do that. Not because I was tempted to buy things, although I was. I fought the temptation bravely. But it turned out that Natalie was not a good shopping buddy. All the other babies fell asleep in their strollers and let their moms shop and talk in peace. Not my baby...my baby stayed wide awake and fussed. Or the times she didn't fuss, she still stayed awake, missed her nap, and then screamed and cried all evening. Ugh. I had to drop out of the shopping club, which was probably all for the best since it helped break me of my shopping addiction. But guess who likes to shop now? Yep, she still doesn't sleep through a store. And she's probably writing a blog post right now about how she hates to shop. :)

Oh wait, I was supposed to be listing my Ten Favorite Stores!! Okay, here they are, in no particular order and some of them are online-only stores.

1. Costco

2. Elann.com

3. 123Stitch.com

4. HomeGoods

5. BookCloseouts.com

6. Fresh Market

7. Whole Foods

8. Ebay (heh heh...)

9. Aldi

10. The Apple Store


Jim said...

Hmm... Ten favorite stores? Wow. I know there aren't ten brick & mortar stores that I'll ever enjoy visiting regularly, but if online stores are ok, I'll take a shot:

1. Amazon.com (Amazon Prime works for us; we make it a loss-leader for them)
2. Kroger (a favorite primarily in terms of $$ spent)
3. Sam's Club (I'm not a Costco Man - sorry!)
4. RepairClinic.com (I have washer parts on the way right now)
5. Sound and Spirit (a branch of BMG music; excellent discount pricing)
6. DunkinDonuts.com (coffee subscriptions, including 5-lb bags)
7. newegg.com (Say no more! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)
8. Homeless Depot (in honor of the now-defunct Dilbert TV show)
9. Century International Arms (one of the original importers)
10. AIM Surplus (local to me, and a notch above Century, quality-wise)

Beth said...

Only really classy people shop at Costco.

Jim said...

"Only really classy people shop at Costco."

And there you have it - that would definitely exclude me!

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive only ever heard of ebay. The rest of the stores I know nothing about~ LOL

jennwa said...

I love Costco and Home Goods too. Ebay is great too.
I have not tried Aldi's yet but I keep meaning too.