Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wearin' O' The Green and The Cookin' O' The Pink

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Okay, today we're Irish around here. It's not likely that my husband's family is tainted by any Irish blood, but on my side we've certainly got at least a smidge. I know we are more Scots-Irish than anything else, but there's Welsh and Irish and maybe even some English thrown in there. Wait a minute...I like to tease the stubborn Germans in this house, but aren't a lot of English really German from way back? And we call the US a melting pot..

Since we're also originally from a state that goes all out for St. Patrick's Day it seems fitting for us to celebrate in some way. (See here for one example of the craziness in Illinois.)

I don't usually wear green, but for some reason (I'm guessing a really fabulous clearance sale) I own a pair of green pants. So, I am wearing them today with a yellow shirt, and no, there will NOT be a picture posted of this spectacle.

When Colin got up this morning I told him to be sure to wear something green, and he informed me that all his green clothes were in the wash. After some rooting around he found a green shirt with a badger on the front of it with a caption that reads "Don't Badger Me". That's Irish! He's wearing it with blue camo can't win 'em all.

Natalie is wearing a bright green sweater, green and pink Chucks, and blue jeans. And also green eyes. It really doesn't count for her to wear green today because it's her favorite color anyway.

Tom is wearing khaki pants and a color-blocked polo shirt in shades of blue. He has on past St. Patrick's Days worn red...which he believes to be the proper fashion response of a stalwart German to this green Irish nonsense. I suggested to him this morning that perhaps he was sending a message with his "every shade of blue" shirt that he was supporting several different ACC basketball teams all at the same time. He would have changed clothes at that point if he hadn't been running late.

And we're cooking the pink! And thanks to the killjoy Internet I now know that there is not much authentically Irish about Corned Beef and Cabbage. Oh well. It is apparently something we picked up in the New World when we could afford to actually eat food. Wouldn't want to be too authentic and just starve on St. Patrick's Day!

The corned beef is simmering even as I type. After that's done I'll put some potatoes, carrots, and cabbage in the broth and cook them. I also need to pick an Irish Soda Bread recipe from the zillion I found online. I think I'm going for taste rather than tradition on that item as well. Traditional ISB sounds dry and tasteless; I'm going to make a version that will probably end up being more like scones because it has butter, sugar, and raisins in it. I anticipate the kids eating more of the ISB than the main dish.

This is what I think of as the Compensating Carbohydrate theory of feeding a family. My mom used to make us eat things like Navy Bean Soup, and Split Pea Soup, and Chili...all those were things I hated. But along with those torture dishes she usually served cornbread and I've always liked cornbread. So I would choke down the minimum required serving of legumes and then enjoy filling up on cornbread. In theory I should like all those dishes because of the childhood exposure, but the only one I like is chili.

With dinner we will drink green beer and after we will do some Irish dancing a la "Lord of the Dance". Or maybe not...


Natalie said...

With dinner we will drink green beer and after we will do some Irish dancing a la "Lord of the Dance". Or maybe not...

Colin might! The dancing part, that is, not the beer...

Oh, and I don't really have any choice but to "wear" my green eyes all year round! ;)

Mmm...supper is smelling good! Even if it's not really Irish.

rebecca said...

Oh boy! I am more Irish than I thought, then! My dad told me this side of the family was "just English".

That was really random...

mandolinartist said...

You know, Scottish and Irish don't like each other, (so I hear.) We Gordons took over much of the old country!

(Check your email for the pictures of my hat.)

Natalie said...

Do we ACT like we're "just English"?! :D

rebecca said...


But what do I act like??