Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Up?

What's cooking: Yogurt in the yogurt maker

What I'm consuming: Hot tea and chocolate

What's for supper: Tater Tot Casserole (not an idealistic "eat local" kind of day around here)

What I'm reading: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

What I'm listening to: Leaves skittering across the patio, thin trees banging together in the woods, trucks on the highway, Lucy Neighborcat meowing her way up through the woods

What I've worked on today: Making yogurt, schooling Colin, laundry

What I'm thinking about today: Idealism, perfectionism, types of checking accounts, Colin's summer wardrobe, my summer wardrobe, Beatles' songs

What's challenging to deal with today: pain, clumsiness, explaining vaccinations to Colin, getting everybody out of the house on time for prayer meeting

What's coming up: prayer meeting tonight, afternoon "off" tomorrow (Natalie cooks!), Tom off work on Friday, getting ready for Resurrection Sunday church fellowship dinner, hopefully some sleep!


Jim said...

Perhaps those Tater Tots were locally-grown? :)

mandolinartist said...

What is a tater tot casserole and how do you make it?
(Do you eat this with a horseshoe?)

Beth said...

Well, the Tater Tots are from Lowes (they are really "potato nuggets" or some such other generic name, I threw away the package) so they were at least locally purchased. :)

Tater Tot casserole (or Tater Tot Hotdish if you live north of Chicago) consists of browned ground beef mixed with cheddar cheese soup and frozen corn or mixed vegetables and then topped with Tater Tots. It's then baked until the TTs are crispy and crunchy.

Its chief attractions are that it tastes like junk food (wonder why?) but has meat, vegetable, and starch all in one dish that takes about 10 minutes to assemble.

Because that's how we roll on Wednesday nights.

Oh, no, you can't eat this with a horseshoe. :) This is survival food, horseshoes are a delicacy.