Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nuttin', Honey...

Me: (whining) I can't think of anything to blog about...(dramatic sigh)

Natalie: (eye roll behind my back) So, blog about nothing!

• The problem with my random/meandering/about nothing blog posts is that they end up sounding cranky too often.

• I think I write crankier than I really am. Curmudgeonly.

• So, an 18-year-old kid (and his underage buddy) admitted to unintentionally setting Sauratown Mountain on fire. Hmmph. And that's probably all the more I should say, because if I start pontificating about boys playing with matches the Lord may see fit to give me a lesson in humility. And I have a 6-year-old boy.

• Of course there are forest fires all the time, especially during a drought. This one just particularly hits home because Sauratown Mountain is home to Mountaintop Youth Camp where Natalie went to camp for 5 years. We were talking the other day about the impact the fire will have on this year's camp weeks. None of the buildings were damaged, so they should be able to have camp. But Natalie pointed out that some of the areas where they do rappelling and rope courses and hiking and stuff might have been damaged. Natalie's not going to regular camp this year (she wants to go to Extreme week if they have it) but her friends Z and S plan to go. I'm sure they've been keeping an eye on this situation, too..

• Over on Natalie's blog she mentioned a cleaning issue she was dealing with in her bathroom. Some of her blog readers are a just a tad shocked and appalled that she would mention this on her blog. Last night as I was falling asleep I wrote a one-act play in response to some of the comments. I planned to send it to Nat as a blog comment, but when I rehearsed it for her this morning she said I shouldn't. She has met a bunch of proper young ladies (Maidens of Virtue!!) and their kin via her blog...I think she's afraid they'll find out what kind of (insert adjective here) family she comes from.

• On Friday, our fair state will be infested yet again by former president William Jefferson Clinton...on the campaign trail for his lovely, ever-so-feminine wife. See, if I were running for President, and I were married to the likes of Bill, I think he's about the last person I'd want campaigning for me. Oh well...not mine to try to understand. Do the folks who vote for Hillary really want four to eight years of Bill toodling around the White House with lots of free time on his hands?

• When did Hillary Clinton drop the "Rodham" part of her name, anyway?

• It is 62 degrees outside, but I have the windows closed and the air conditioner running. Why? Because it is apparently official Mow Your Lawn Wednesday around our neighborhood! Someone needs to invest in some sheep.

• We could take up spinning and have all the yarn our hearts desired. Unless our hearts desired cotton or acrylic. But we're way classier than that.

• This year's homeschool convention looks promising. I haven't been for a few years. I was trying to remember how long it had been, but all I can come up with is that Colin was still young enough to be in a stroller and not walking. So, maybe 2002? Somehow I didn't think it had been quite that long...hmmm...

• Best thing about this year's convention? Near as I can tell there is no Man With A Plan speaking!! Or, if there is, he has disguised his bio sneakily so I can't spot him. Well, one guy looked like he might be developing A Plan, but he's only leading a workshop. When they're keynote speakers they're harder to avoid.

• Favorite convention workshop title: Ballistic Learning: Teaching and Appreciating Boys

It's 4:40 and I need to get supper started! Chicken with basmati rice tonight. Adding the "basmati" qualifier makes it sound so much more gourmet than just "chicken and rice", doesn't it?


Shauntelle @ A Beautiful Abode said...

Hi Beth!

I wanted to drop by and tell you how much I appreciate your advice on my sofa/living room dilema! I'm going to go out this weekend and look for art and fabric for pillows with your suggestions in mind.

I'm bookmarking your blog so I can check in again... you are so funny! And I can't help but love anyone who can use curmudgeonly in a post, spelled correctly and all... LOL!



Jim said...

I don't see any MWAPs either, but the keynote is most certainly a WWAP - and even though she bears the very slightest resemblance to Miss Piggy, I'd have never guessed she's been married to Kermit for such a long time.

"Dr. Jeff" is a MWAH; sometimes they're worse than MWAPs.

Hey - I could teach that last class you mentioned... :)

thediaperdiaries said...

Interesting point about Hilary dropping the hyphenated name. Didn't notice that. Very Interesting...