Thursday, April 17, 2008

With Half My Brain Tied Behind My Back

...just to make it fair, ya know.

•Yesterday, the bad migraine (as opposed to those good ones).

•Today, the after-effects...making me slightly less than half-witted.

•My children are multi-tasking today, apparently in an effort to drive me to drink.

•Natalie is sewing, cooking, and gardening simultaneously. When means she's not giving 100% of her attention to any of them. Disaster lurks in the offing.

•Colin is trying to get in trouble as many ways as possible today, also simultaneously. There are too many possible ways.

•Monday I spent several hours researching health insurance because Natalie is about to age out of the group policy we have through Tom's work.

•For a healthy young person, private-pay insurance seems to involve picking as high a deductible as possible as the parents feel comfortable with and paying a medium-ish chunk of change every month.

•From the horror stories I've read online, this works out splendidly as long as one never has to make a claim. Apparently the insurance companies are quite skilled and professional at the tasks of taking one's money and providing one with a little plastic card. Beyond that, forget it.

•Tuesday night I watched a PBS Frontline special about health care in other industrialized nations. They briefly covered Great Britain, but spent more time on Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Since I've only heard much about the health care systems in Britain and Canada, it was good to get a broader perspective.

•IF everything in the report is accurate, these countries are managing paying for medical care in a way that satisfies their citizens more than we in the US are satisfied with our system.

•In each of these systems someone is getting less money than in our system in the US. Either it's the doctors, the hospitals, the drug companies, or the lawyers. Is it likely, in the US, that a majority of people in any of those categories would willingly give up a significant amount of their income in order to make a new health care system work? I'm not familiar with the health care proposals of any of the presidential candidates. I wonder what provisions each of them have considered to deal with this decrease in income?

•Oh, yeah, another category of people whose income would decrease...people like my husband. Obviously if doctors and medical schools don't have the big bucks to do research and education they also can't pay support staff as much.

•It might be easier for a government to implement a new system if the country was in a financial crisis. Think Roosevelt and the New Deal during the Great Depression...

•That does not add up to a conspiracy theory or anything woo-woo in my mind...just giving my opinion of one way it could be pulled off.

•Okay, anything fun going on? We got a bunch of blueberry plants yesterday! Maybe in a few years we'll have some blueberries to eat. Blueberries are very healthy. :)

•Kristi Lee Cook is gone from AI, and there was very great rejoicing. Although in some ways she was the least objectionable of the women on there this year. I never like the women contestants, how misogynistic of me...can women be misogynists?

•The rest of them should leave in this order: Carly, Syesha, Brooke, Jason, David C, and then David A.

•I am so not a fan of David Archuleta. My reason for picking this order is because the winner has to make a sappy diva album with goofy songs about living up to one's dreams and never finding true love and seeing rainbows above us and the stars are God's daisy chain. This is David Archuleta's destiny. The boy was born to make an album like that.

•Yes, I still call them "albums"...I am a dinosaur.

•My favorites, Mr. David "I'm emo in a way that middle-aged ladies can understand" Cook, and Mr. Jason "I represent the kind of lad the middle-aged ladies would have fallen for when they were 14" Castro...well, if they don't win then they can make real albums that showcase their styles and talents. Albums that even I would buy.

•I would also buy the 8-track versions to listen to in the car.

•I am fully aware that my knowing the term "emo" means it is totally not a trendy word anymore. I also know about "emo pants", which are really nothing new, but we called them something else back in the day.

•I have 5 more things on my to-do list for this afternoon and it is 5:11 PM...this does not bode well for a completed list.

•Note to my a MWAH a "man with a headset"? There was one of those in our backyard once...walking around carrying a laptop and looking like he was lecturing the trees.

•High Five, everybody!


Rebecca said...

I agree about AI...and I can't even picture Brooke singing their sappy songs.

High five!

mandolinartist said...

If Nat is still in school, shouldn't she be able to stay on the insurance? (Maybe it just depends on the company.)

Shari said...

Your kids sound like they know how to keep busy and entertain themselves. Some of mine are getting older and learning how to do that, too.

Beth said...

Mandolinartist, the way it works is she is insured until age 19 unless she is attending an accredited college full-time. If she were going to college they would cover her for another 4 or 5 years.

Shari, my oldest is 18 and can entertain herself responsibly. :) The youngest, however, is only 6 and although he can entertain himself quite well, I need to keep him on my radar at all times. :)

Rebecca...tonight with the ALW songs should be, um, interesting.

Jim said...

An "MWAH" is indeed a man with a headset! :)

A quick note about the healthcare systems of the countries you mentioned: in all of them, rationing of care is the norm. In fact, it's a requirement of any single-payor system.

Ask Aunt Betty how many of her friends cross the border for anything non-trivial in the way of medical care. You'll simply die in the UK or Canada waiting for heart surgery or any kind of transplant... unless you're politically-connected, of course.

One last thought (and it's tough to limit myself on this topic!) - what problem has our (or any) government addressed in a better way than the private sector?

Jim said...

Btw, have you noticed all the fine growth in your back yard? Those trees needed a motivational speaker! :)

(They really responded to the PowerPoint presentation.)