Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sheep Sandwiches At Subway??

By now if you aren't living in a cave in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden you've probably heard that a great army of homeschoolers are quite royally peeved with the Subway sandwich chain for sponsoring a writing contest that excludes home schools. This issue has surfaced all over the Internet, including such unlikely places as a needlework message board I frequent.

People are calling for a boycott of Subway, writing emails and letters to Subway management, and even attempting to phone the CEO of Subway to complain to him directly. Home School Legal Defense Association has even thrown its considerable weight into the fray and has posted an open letter to Subway asking the company to allow homeschoolers to enter the contest.

Hey...homeschoolers...people...YOU!!! GET A GRIP!!! Since when did we become a flock of boycotting sheep, bleating "Discrimination, discrimination!!" when we don't get asked to play with the cool kids?

Aren't we the same ones who used to speak out against this kind of affirmative action stance? Aren't we the ones teaching our children about free enterprise and capitalism? Aren't we the ones standing against the status quo by choosing to home school in the first place?

Do we realize how ridiculous and petty and shrill this makes us look? For those of us who homeschool because we believe it is God's will for our families, does this kind of boycott help our testimony to the world? "You won't let my little Bufert send in his wonderful story about sandwiches, so I'm going to take my money over to Quiznos instead!" Well, that'll teach 'em. I'm sure the next time Subway execs think about having a contest they'll remember us homeschoolers with great fondness and go out of their way to come up with nice prizes for us.

Who wants to join me in boycotting the boycott? Oh wait, that's more sheep talk. Who wants to join me in getting on with our lives and not worrying about silly contests we weren't invited to participate in? Eat wherever you want to eat! You don't have to eat at Subway (I don't particularly like their food myself) but if you want to...go right ahead!

To the rest of you who think this kind of boycott is the proper response when things don't go your way...I can only say "Baaaaaaaa!!!!"


Rebecca said...

Homeschoolers can be so ridiculous. I really doubt that their kids would care that Subway won't read their story about The Mysterious Meatball...

mandolinartist said...

Interesting... You definitely have some great points in your post.

We could look at this a few ways...

#1. Do we ask ourselves, do we agree with such and such in theology or doctrine when I buy a shirt from them? Does the owner or manager of whatever store support my life decisions? (We still buy their products.) All this leans toward your unnecessary boycott stance.)

#2. I could better understand Subway if this is a contest in which a school or teacher must enter rather than a parent, who some would say may be more biased toward their own child, but the form reads as though a parent enters rather than a teacher.

#3. If the parent is going to enter the essay, I wouldn't want my name on it, as a teacher, unless I had a hand in editting and approving what is written, so I'm not sure this needs to be connected with a school or teacher anyway, which would open the floor to all children... (Of course I do notice that one of the prizes is for the school.)

Tuesday Evening thoughts....

Courtney said...

Very well said, Beth. I'm not a homeschooler (at least not right now) but I do care very much about the witness we as Christians show the world. I agree that being so petty is definitely not the way to win people over. Thanks for looking at it this way! I wish more Christians thought the way you do about things like this.

saras said...

The funny thing was the homeschoolers were boycotting because they weren't included. So Scholastic, who is partnering with Subway, offered all homeschoolers a free book!

Problem is, now that's unfair to my child who isn't homeschooled and therefore won't get a free book! :)

I am curious though, if a homeschooler had gotten the prize, wouldn't they have had to pay the taxes on it?