Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Throwing, Thrown, or Throne??

It's been nearly two weeks since I posted anything here...eek! I have had many things on my mind and plenty to say about them...but, unfortunately or otherwise, I wasn't free to blog about them. So, hey, how about some American Idol talk? And after you read this, head over to BooMama's place to see what everyone else had to say.

Last night was the big finale, the David vs. David showdown, complete with boxing motif and extra cheesy announcers. You've seen the show by now, you know how it played out, so let me indulge in some speculation.

Why did David Cook have a sub-par night of performances, and why did the judges ruthlessly point this out while praising David Archuleta to the skies? Three theories....

1. David C. threw the competition. Either he is the "genuinely nice guy" Simon thinks he is and he just couldn't stand to crush a little kid's dream...or his agent told him "Bail out now while there's still time!!" Whichever David wins gets stuck with the sappy AI ballad album and maybe David C. decided he just couldn't hack that?

2. The judges, especially Simon, praised David C. for the last few weeks and then threw him under the bus. This then would enable David A. to win, plus boost ratings and get people talking.

**Brief digression**Isn't that phrase getting a tad overused? The area under the bus is full, and David C. is now squished in there right next to the Reverend Wright and Barack Obama...who apparently, via some sort of logistical hoodoo, threw each other under there. **End digression**

3. Last night's show was all part of the shrewd strategy of Simon Cowell and company to put David Cook on the AI throne. They praise David A. and make his fans feel he is a shoe-in, while motivating millions of forty-something women loyal fans to vote for David C. because he was done wrong. Simon went on a bunch of chat shows and said David C. should win, and then awarded the win to David A. last night. Hasn't he used this kind of strategy before?

**Second digression with conspiracy theory content** Simon asked David C. why he picked the Collective Soul song instead of reprising Billy Jean or Hello and David answered that he thought he should do something new instead of reusing something he'd sung before. In response Simon made a face that some people interpreted as fierce anger complete with a twitching eye. I, on the other hand, thought it looked like he winked at David. Hmm...collaborative effort maybe?**End conspiracy digression**

Of course there are other, much more prosaic, explanations for the performances of the respective Davids. Maybe David C. was sick or tired...maybe his brother is doing worse...maybe his voice was just exhausted from all the rehearsals. Maybe David A. finally realized this was his last chance to really nail a performance...maybe not having his dad around for rehearsals made him more confident.

In the immortal words of the ever-lucid Paula Abdul "May the bessht man win!" And since there's only one man competing at this point...


Tammy said...

It all made me wonder too. But just look at dear Daughtry and he didn't even make the top two.

Voted for David Cook and will definitely buy his album.

SMH said...

Interesting theory....... ;o) LOL