Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Links to Neato Stuff

Some links to cute stuff, thought-provoking ideas, and things in general that caught my eye...have fun browsing!

1. the shop at boygirlparty.com The graphics and drawings are so cute! This one is my favorite, but Natalie should page down a bit and find the 'edgepig.

2. I'm thinking of making some of this bubble solution for Colin, especially since it sounds like it makes better bubbles than the store-bought version. Maybe I'll track down one of those huge bubble wands, too. Sparkle Power also posts lots of neat fabric crafts on her blog, so check it out.

3. I want some of these Marble Suncatcher strings!! This looks simple enough for Colin to make, or for the two of us to try together...of course we will end up hollering for Natalie to bail us out. I think I would hang them from the Crape Myrtle in the herb garden, so I could see them from the kitchen window. A great idea from Wisdom of the Moon!

4. Wise Bread is a personal finance/frugal living site which features message boards, articles, and thought-provoking blogs. Philip Brewer is the author of this entry: Strategies for households with more than one adult, in which he asks us to stop and think about the various ways a family or household can maximize its standard of living by having some of its members stay out of the money economy. I'm using the PC terms he uses in the article...at our house this translates to "having the kid and wimmin folkses work at home" :)

5. Nancy Wilson's recent blog post: How Organized Are Your Closets? was something I really, really needed to read this week...and she mentions my favorite verse from Proverbs...Prov. 14:4.

6. How do Asians perceive American young people? Asia Times gives one viewpoint in The Day the Slacker Died. Find out the connection between American youth, the economy, and Kung Fu Panda. :)

7. Monique of My Mark Designs not only creates cute, youthful, modern cross-stitch patterns, she also made a bright stripy sleeping bag for her daughter's Webkinz platypus, Cheese. Perhaps I will not show this one to Colin; I don't really want to spend a week making little sleeping bags for his many, many pandas.

8. The Vintage Chica crocheted rag rugs from old pajamas and sheets. I found this while looking for some inexpensive way to replace our kitchen rugs....now I want to go to garage sales and look for old sheets. :)


Natalie said...

1. I like the hedgehog!...too bad he's twenty bucks. I also like the keyboard zebra t-shirts.

3. I want to make one of those...in shades of green. Or blue, or red...or any color really, they're so pretty!! I'll help you whether you need bailing out or not! I wonder how much those flat marbles cost? I bet you could find lot of them on ebay.

4. Interesting...I always like Brewer's articles.

5. Ahh...and hasn't Dad said something like that before? About not necessarily wanting to be married to someone who can do everything? :p

6. That was very good too.

8. I like those rugs, even though that's not really my style. I guess we need to go find some old sheets at garage sales, or Goodwill!

Natalie said...

at garage sales, or Goodwill!

*sigh* I just noticed this...I should drop off some of my excess commas at Goodwill as well!