Monday, June 2, 2008


Things to buy next time I'm out shopping:

•microwave-safe tea cup and saucer

•wide bandaids without kid-friendly designs

•Vitamin E, aloe vera gel, or some other pain-deadening burn treatment

Things I'm thankful for:

•my daughter, who is good at first aid

•my mother who lives next door and keeps things like Vitamin E on hand

•ice water to numb the pain

•nine other fingers to keep working with

•that it's "only a flesh wound" and is starting to feel better already

Things that I'm wondering about:

•What is it about 30 year old stoneware that makes it unreliable in the microwave?

•How is it that a saucer can be hot enough to burn a finger instantly, but the tea in the cup still not be hot enough to drink?

•What sort of tea and saucer combo would be microwave safe?

•Are my brother and his family coming to visit this weekend?

•Does the strawberry place have berries still this week?

•Do I have time to make jam if they do?

•If cats only sweat perspire through their paw pads why does Gracie get all sticky and smelly when she's outside on a hot day?

•What is it about Vitamin E that takes the pain out of a burn?

•Could it be a placebo reaction because I've had Vitamin E put on burns since I was a little kid?

•Do I need to think about that right now, or do I need to get back to work?

Silly's Monday...back to work!!


Courtney said...

I feel your pain...I used to have somewhat expensive dishes from Pottery Barn that did the same thing...the food/beverage was lukewarm, the dish was scalding. Annoying! I went and bought really cheap ones at crate & barrel - solved that problem!

Hey, thanks for entering my giveaway at Nesting instincts!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

WHOA!!!! What a Monday... I hope you are not too badly hurt and will have 10, fully-working fingers back to normal soon.

Kim said...

Ow! Oh, my fingers are hurting just thinking about that!

Beth said...

Thanks for the sympathy, y'all! It's much, much better today, only a little bit ouchy when I bump it into something.

I'll look into the crate & barrel cups, Courtney. I was originally thinking of Corelle, but they are making their cups out of stoneware now. In the meantime I'm just being cautious before I touch anything!

mandolinartist said...

I have had similar experiences with microwave-safe plates for bacon or something... I found a mit or mitten with rubber on the inside where you pick up stuff... It works well.

monique said...

I have to chuckle at your desire for "big people" bandaids... I haven't had a plain bandage for 9 years LOL

HOpe your burn is not too serious!

Mrs. Darling said...

Im hoping our berries around here ripen soon. It just rains and rains.

Thanks for your love and support over this time with my Dad.