Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Blight? A Scourge? A...a...where did my vocabulary go?

The cake pan is on the upper shelf of the lower cabinet, right where I can't see it when I look down. Tom offers to get it out for me. I tell him to get the "big cake pan", he grabs a 9 inch layer cake pan. No, the really big pan, the pound cake pan.

In his home, growing up, that pan was called the Angel Food Cake Pan.

Let us just pause a moment and weep for the tragedy that was my husband's childhood.

And then let us get back to trying to remember what THAT WORD is that means "blight" or "scourge" or something like that, but it seems like it should end in "-tion" or "-sion" for some reason. As in "Angel Food Cake is the long impressive missing word that means scourge of the cake world."


Natalie said...

Bane? That's all I can come up with...although that's neither long nor terribly impressive.

agentlejoy said...

How about this? Angel food cake is the bland, tasteless, dry, spongy, pseudo-healthy desert substitute which can only be made palatable by drenching it in strawberries and real whipped cream of the cake world.

My mind went blank on a word tonight. I called to my husband, "Honey, what is it called when you give someone something, but then you have to warn them that it might not work?"

He replied, "Huh?" I suppose that clue would never have made it into a crossword, but I did eventually remember it: a disclaimer.

Hope you eventually remember yours!

thediaperdiaries said... should be your new best friend :) And if I admit that I actually like Angel Food Cake will I be banned from commenting?

Beth said...

agentlejoy: glad to know I'm not the only one, both on the dislike of angel food cake and the loss of words. :)

thediaperdiaries: thanks for the link to the online thesaurus. No, you won't be banned...someone has to eat the Angel Food Cake and spare the rest of us from it! :)