Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday and Weekend Doings

It feels like it has been a long, busy week! But today is Friday and I think we have a relaxing weekend planned for a change.

Tonight we're going to have French Bread Pizzas for supper, and we'll probably eat in the living room and watch a Jeeves and Wooster episode whilst eating. It's been ages since I've made French Bread Pizza, but we had some loaves of Natalie's homemade Cuban bread in the freezer from when we last had Cuban Sandwiches. So I decided to cheat, save time, and use the bread instead of messing with making a crust. And I guess I should be calling them "Cuban Bread Pizzas"....hmmm.

Tomorrow Tom is getting up on the roof and in the attic to work on a project he's been planning for a while. Our house has a ridge vent system in the roof, but it doesn't seem to remove enough hot air from the attic in the summer. With some of the very hot temps we've had this summer it has been hard to keep the house cooled down without running the A/C non-stop.

Tom monitored the attic temps and found it was getting as much as 30 degrees hotter up there than it was outside. So he's going to install some gable end vents up there to help move the hot air out a little better. This involves popping a few pieces of siding off, cutting some holes, installing vents and doing some sealing. And, of course, it also means climbing around on the roof. What is it about men and climbing on roofs? Oh well, it's better to be married to a brave man who climbs on roofs than one who would never consider doing something that dangerous!

Colin will probably be involved helping Tom. I'm not sure he's got his mountain goat skills yet, so he probably will not be up on the roof. Maybe he can go up and down the ladder to fetch things.

Natalie and I need to get some food in this house! We worked to use up stuff in the big freezer so we could defrost it, but that's done now so it needs to be refilled. A trip to Costco Sunday after church will help, but we'll probably also hit Aldi and Lowes for a few things tomorrow. We need to bake some bread tomorrow, too.

Hmmm...our relaxing weekend is starting to sound a bit busy! I think we'll have time in there to kick back and just enjoy being home. I want to get some serious needlework time in either tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. I've been trying to get Serendipity Sampler finished in time for the fair. Since that picture, I have finished three more segments and have a fourth almost completed. That will leave just the middle section to complete; unfortunately it is BIG. I would like to get all the outside part done this weekend and some sort of start on the middle.

I did get the Rose in Morning piece done some time ago, but I still need to figure out how I want to finish it. We have plenty of wall space left for framed pictures, but frames can get pricey. If I make it into a pillow, though, I need to find a pillow form the right size and a nice coordinating backing fabric. So, decisions and purchases to be made either way...

Well, Tom is home and he and Colin are bustling around gathering up their supplies for tomorrow's project. They've tried out the new siding removal tool and are impressed with how it works, and they've located the right size template for cutting the hole. Time for me to heat up the oven and pop in the pizzas so we can have some supper!


Natalie said...

"Cuban Bread Pizzas"

They smell yummy!! :)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Hhhmmm.... relaxing? Maybe... or maybe not... but getting things done and having fun food is still great.

Natalie said...

And the pizza tasted good!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Beth, I almost missed your comment about recovering chairs, but it really is easy. You can take off the old fabric & then you'll need a staple gun. I have an electric one, but the manual ones work well too. If you need more padding, you could easily get some extra batting at the fabric store & wrap that around first, staple it in place. I start on one side, pull the fabric taut, staple a couple of spots, then move to the opposite side & do the same thing. Work from side to side & then switch to the other 2 sides & work them. Don't just work on one side at a time, move it all around until you have all the fabric stapled down. Just make sure you cut enough fabric to wrap around your chair seat & have enough to fold over & staple. The corners have to be tucked somewhat to get them to turn, but you can just play with that until you get it. They don't have to be perfect! It's really easy to do, so give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by!


monique said...

Hope you survived your relaxing weekend... sounded a bit on the busy side to me LOL

I'd love to see an updated pic of Seredipity if you get a chance :)

Melissa~ said...


That sounds like what happens here. Hubby and I plan a "let's do nothing this weekend" weekend and then we end up doing *a lot*...

I *love* your afghan! I really want to learn to knit!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints