Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Last night was Wednesday, and this Wednesday happened to be Men's Meeting night. Our church has regular all-church Bible study and prayer meeting (should "prayer meeting" be capitalized?) on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, and men's meeting (ditto on the capitalizing?) on the second and fourth Wednesdays. When there is a fifth Wednesday in the month we have regular prayer meeting. So we can have two regular prayer meetings in a row, but never two men's meetings. I think. My strategy is to listen closely to the announcements on Sunday morning to know where we're supposed to be on any given Wednesday night.

Anyway, last night was men's meeting, and last night it was held at our house. So, men's meeting at our house...where do the women go? My original plan was to grab my craft bag and a mug of water and hang out in Natalie's room with her. She's got a computer, a phone, a cell phone, the Internets, and a bed that can be sort of comfortable enough to sit on if you pile enough pillows behind your back.

But, in the end, we decided to get out of Dodge. First we thought we'd just go to Barnes and Noble, but I also wanted to go to Michaels, and then as we were getting ready to eat supper (leftovers!) we suddenly had the inspiration to go get something to eat first. I mean, we needed to get the car out of the driveway in plenty of time before the guys got there, right? :)

So, our first stop was Panera for paninis and people-watching. We saw Ms. No Visible Panty Lines and her date/work associate/friend/brother (he let her pay for her own food so we couldn't draw any conclusions from that). You know the fashion gurus make a big deal about being sure to have no visible panty lines under smooth clothing...but. (resisting pun, resisting pun) I won't describe her in detail, but let's just say that Ms. NVPL illustrated graphically for us all that sometimes it might be best to have those tell-tale lines rather than to leave your audience wondering if you decided to forgo the undies altogether.

Then there was Ms. He's Mine You Can't Have Him. She was accompanied by her date/boyfriend/fiance/husband and she apparently thought he was in danger of getting away. She had both of her arms twined around him at almost all times. Her strategy seemed to be to keep him in some sort of straight jacket of arm loops. He did not appear to be actively fighting this strategy, but neither did he seem terribly appreciative of it. As they stepped up to the counter to place their order, he had to shift a little to get an arm free to get out his wallet. Since his arm remained out of the grasp of Ms. HMYCHH, she took to holding onto his other arm while leaning heavily on him. When the girl behind the counter turned and smiled at him in a bland, non-threatening, polite customer service manner, Ms. HMYCHH took immediate measures to recapture his other arm and reinsert him in the straight jacket.

After Panera, we headed over to Michaels. I browsed the yarn department and tried, unsuccessfully, to come up with a way to make a nice afghan out of good yarn without paying much for it. Natalie, meanwhile, found a pair of shoes to buy.

Fueled by the excitement of unexpected shoe purchasing, Natalie then asked if we could go over to Shoe Carnival. Shoe Carnival plays annoying music very loudly. They also have a contract with a company that keeps them constantly supplied with whining, crying children. They have seats that look comfortable, but aren't nearly as comfortable as they look. Natalie tried on piles and piles of shoes, including one pair that made her yelp "ouch" the second she got them on her feet. After all that she ended up buying three pairs of shoes, so I guess we can call it a successful trip.

After that we headed to Barnes and Noble to look for gardening books. We looked through several and decided that the information we get off the Internet would be just as helpful as what was available in print. We also sat and flipped through lots of magazines, and drank Starbucks beverages. Natalie had a Frappucino and I had a drink called something like Creme of Double Chocolate Chips. It was like a chocolate milk smoothie. Very refreshing, but not as creamy as I thought it should be. When I got home and looked up the ingredients on the Starbucks site and found out it was 510 calories, I decided that in the future I would prefer a real chocolate milkshake instead. Starbucks doesn't sell those, though.

Finally we dragged our exhausted selves back home to find that the guys had had a great time with the men's meeting group. Colin had even swept the kitchen floor before we got home...which was probably just as well since the men and boys had enjoyed lots of cookies and popcorn in our absence.

I think Natalie is blogging this morning, so head over there and read a much less rambly version of our night out. Plus she'll probably have shoe pictures. :) And maybe she'll explain how she shut down The Flirting Guy at B&N with her patented Homeschooled Anti-Flirting Glare of Death. :)


Natalie said...

shut down The Flirting Guy at B&N with her patented Homeschooled Anti-Flirting Glare of Death.

No I didn't, that was the problem...that's the last time I people-watch and smile at any of the people!!

Poor guy, if a friendly smile and looking his way while people-watching and making eye contact (because he was looking at me!) convinced him I was attracted, I'm afraid I probably really hurt his feelings by kind of freaking out when he spoke to me! I feel bad mostly because he seemed like a nice, polite guy...if it had been Mr. Un-chivalrous, "thanks for holding the door for me" Dude, I wouldn't care! :D

I don't think my blog post was any less rambly...rambley?...rambling.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

You guys sound like you had a blast!

agentlejoy said...

LOL at the "patented Homeschooled Anti-Flirting Glare of Death!!!"

My children have perfected the junior version of this to use on nosy adults who persist in asking, "What grade are you in? Do you make good grades? What's your favorite class? Are you on honor roll?"

The response is a cool glance from under the eyelids and a very quelling, "Oh, well, we're HOMESCHOOLED."