Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is It Wednesday Already? Yikes!

Okay, while I'm waiting for our lunch to cook** here's a quick rambling update on life around these parts.

As some of you mentioned in the comments and in person, those weekend plans didn't sound particularly relaxing. I think it was relaxing for us because the weekend didn't involve outside commitments or much activity that was not of our own choosing.

Also, relaxing and restful are not the same concept in my mind. I can be relaxed and enjoying myself and then get up the next day and be totally exhausted. Which is how I felt Monday morning! Part of that has to do with the amount of social interaction I had on Sunday.

I hope nobody I know in person will take this personally; it is certainly not meant that way! I enjoy being with people, I like being with my friends, I particularly like hanging out with my family and/or my church family. But, as enjoyable as that is, it is utterly exhausting to me.

Reportedly there are people out there who get invigorated and energized being around other people. People who when they are by themselves get depressed and lack energy, and need to get out and see other people to feel good. I think these are the people who can be good sabbatarians and feel like they "rested" on Sunday. I put "rested" in quotes, because whatever else Sunday may be to me...the Lord's Day, a day of worship, a day of learning, a day of fellowship, a very precious is not restful for me.

So, anyway, relaxing weekend followed by a tired Monday. But we accomplished a lot! Tom got the first vent installed. This is the one he could reach with my dad's ladder; the rest of them will wait till he can borrow a friend's longer ladder. But this one was a good trial run for him; it turns out the plans he made for installing the vents are going to work out pretty well. He got up early and was done with the vent by mid-morning so he avoided the worst heat of the day, too.

I got bread made (4 loaves), Natalie did the Aldi shopping for me, and we hit Costco on Sunday for a trunk full of groceries there. Now the freezer is back to being almost full, and the pantries likewise.

Plus I did get some stitching time...quite a bit, actually. A total of four hours on Saturday, broken into pieces, and two hours on Sunday afternoon. When my photographer gets a spare minute I will be able to post an update picture of Serendipity Sampler. It is not done yet, but getting there. If this week wasn't shaping up to be busy I would say I could finish it by next Saturday, but probably not at this rate.

Well, Natalie is pulling the lunch out of the oven, so time to go eat and catch up on online comics together. Tomorrow...time permitting...what I was doing 7 years ago. :)

**Oven Cheese Toast: spread butter very lightly on both sides of several pieces of bread. Lay bread slices on non-stick baking sheet. Place cheese slices of your choice on top of bread. Bung the whole shebang into the oven at 350 degrees until the bread is lightly toasted and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Cut into strips, enjoy, and tell the complainer that once he is old enough to make his own lunch he can make whatever he wants. Remember that his favorite foods include steak and shrimp and reconsider your hasty words...

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mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Sometimes Sundays can be tiring because we are rushing around to get to the next place or the next service. Of course, the activity/worship/fellowship is great, but our bodies have limits. Sometimes, I try to rush home and "race the clock" so to speak as I 'savor' every moment and try to avoid feeling like time flies.