Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seven Years Ago

I did not sleep well last night...too much tea and probably too much guacamole and salsa, too. Amazingly I don't feel too bad today; maybe it will catch up with me later.

Seven years ago I did not sleep well on the night of July 30th, either. Not because of tea and Mexican food, though! Instead, I was in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors, with a nurse hovering around me trying to keep the Doppler monitor in place. A certain little boy was determined to wiggle around in the limited space available to him, so we had to keep shifting the device around to hear his heartbeat.

The nurse and I spent the night talking about various things that, in retrospect, seem rather odd. We discussed whether it was harder to drive in Boston or Chicago. Since she'd never driven in Chicago and I'd never been to Boston it was not a terribly productive discussion. :)

We also spent a lot of time telling the wiggly young man that he needed to turn around to be ready to be born the next morning. He listened to us, but was apparently confused about the directions because instead of turning all the way around from being head-up to head-down he decided to turn till he was sideways and stay in that position. Since he needed to be born quickly his position meant he would have to be delivered via C-section. The intensive monitoring was to try to determine how he would do once he was born, because he was not supposed to be born for another 7 weeks.

(I'll skip the long, boring explanation about my struggles to get and stay pregnant and why both my children were born at 33 weeks. Cliffs Notes version: probably caused by an autoimmunity problem, possibly related to the chronic pain condition I have, potentially treatable if God were to give us another baby at our advanced ages.)

So, on the morning of July 31st on 2001, Colin Thomas Roth was born. He weighed just under 4 pounds and he was very mad. :) When I finally got to hold him he felt like a little feather; in fact I wasn't sure if I was even feeling him or just the big wad of blankets he was wrapped in.

Seven years later he is not a little feather any more! Today he is a big moose and if he keeps getting taller and outgrowing shoes at the rate he is now, I predict he will be at least as big as his daddy and his uncles. Possibly bigger. :) Natalie just measured him and he is 4' 2".

So far today Colin has received a phone call from his friend, Mrs. B, and a visit from his friend, Mrs. S. He is very popular with the older ladies! Mrs. S. brought him a remote-control truck with race cars to go in it. This has been a wonderful diversion to keep him from going stark raving mad waiting till we celebrate his birthday tonight. It is so hard to wait for birthday parties when you are seven!

Colin requested grilled hamburgers and grilled sweet corn for his birthday dinner tonight. I just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like Tom might be grilling in the rain this evening. We'll also have birthday cake and ice cream, of course. Natalie is making and decorating the cake. It is in the oven right now and the house is starting to smell like chocolate...yum...

Here is a picture of the birthday boy this morning, with his usual cheesy smile. Happy 7th Birthday, Colin!


rebecca said...

Happy birthday, Colin!!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday Colin!!!!

Kim said...

Oh, he's a cutie! Happy belated birthday! :-)

My son will be 7 in December...I can't believe how fast time if flying by!