Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Good To Pass Up

No, I should not be posting. I'm supposed to be reading long, boring web pages exploring the difference between regular high-deductible health insurance and HSA accounts. Natalie turns 19 in...I don't know...a few days. She needs insurance because Tom's employer has plans we can buy to cover our cats, but not our children over age 18. Say "meow", Natalie. Good girl.

I should also be getting my fair registration filled out and submitted and a zillion other things that need to be done. Like the craft projects that I'm entering in the fair...that would be a good idea.

But stupid me, I had to go read some blogs that Natalie links to. And I had to read this. And get that song stuck in my head. And look up the video on Youtube.

And now Colin is going around making the arm motions. And Natalie is talking about medieval mullets (mediemullets?). So why not share the agony with my readers? Yeah, I knew you'd be grateful. Enjoy:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Relieved, Reassured, Comforted...and all that...

The USA is going to be okay, people, it really is.

We may be sending all our jobs to India, and buying all our goods from China via WalMart.

We may have two lousy political parties, and two less-than-ideal presidential candidates to choose from.

Our economy may be in the toilet, and gas prices may be so high we can't afford to drive.


When it comes to scantily-clad women playing volleyball on fake beaches we reign supreme. Even though China managed to find some very tall women to make into volleyball players, still the strength and ingenuity of American youth conquered in the end.

And if you can be the country with the best team of women-who-play-volleyball-in-their-undies, well...why would any of that other stuff worry you?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back with the predictable...

Hello, I'm back, and as usual after being a total blog-slacker, I am back with the Random.

•What did I do to stop my blogging cold in its tracks, as it were? I published a post in which I promised to write about something definite. Lesson to The Cat: Don't do that; it causes blogger's block and paper cuts and fleas in the armpit.

•I signed up for Facebook, which I think is meant for people younger than me. But, I did find a bunch of friends and kin around my age hanging out revolution, I guess.

•Facebook is HARD to figure out. They keep it that way in an effort to screen out old people like me. They don't know about our secret weapons..."For Dummies" books and offspring. Heh heh...

•Despite the confusing-ness (Hey, if Bela Karolyi can say "bias-ness", I can say "confusing-ness"!) of Facebook, I'll keep puttering with it because it's another way to stay in touch with people.

•As is Twitter, but I'm not sure I'm up for more connectedness. Until I saw this video, I really didn't know what Twitter was designed to do. I thought it had something to do with cell phones. And since my cell phone likes to hang out with the aforementioned offspring, fun little cell phone applications aren't much use to me.

•Go watch the video even if you're a Twitter expert...please. Just do it. Just to hear that guy say "English" if nothing else, okay? It's almost...uh...presidential.

•Let's get this straight right now while we're talking about politics. (We totally were.) "They" don't hate us because we have so much freedom. They hate us because we don't know how to pronounce our own language. We have a hard G, people, let's use it.

•My mom used to tell me something along the lines of "you will end up being just like the person who aggravates you the most." Or maybe it was "the person you are making fun of." Hmmm. Anyway, the other night I was using the word "nuclear" and, completely without intending to, mispronounced it. Nuke-u-lure...why do you ask?

•Twitter might not work for me because it's too much like talking on the phone. I generally don't like to talk on the phone. (Stop spluttering, Natalie.) When Colin was a toddler he learned to say "Oh no...who's that?" when the phone rang.

•It's been years since I've been forced to take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, so when I saw a link to one on someone's blog today I took it. Today I'm an INTJ. Woo, and also hoo.

•Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis were supposedly INTJs, which would give one a big head if one did not stop to consider that Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Guiliani are also. And how does one conduct a MBTI assessment on a dead person, anyway?

•I dislike these assessments because I feel like I am incapable of answering them honestly without trying to put myself in the proper category with my answers. We once were members of a church where someone got the bright idea to do an assessment like this and then assign people jobs based on their personalities and gifts.

•You know I was trying my hardest to figure out how to rig those tests so that they'd indicate that I was ideally suited for something like ironing table covers for communion. But, no, of course that would never do. I was always "best suited" for something like making phone calls to every single family in the church to set up appointments for church directory photos.

•Which leads me to believe one of three things was happening. One, it could be that my personality can't be accurately reflected by a test, even if I'm totally and brutally honest. (Sort of a MBTI vampire?) Two, it could be that the organizers of jobs had decided what they wanted me to do and a little test wasn't going to stop them. Three, it could be that the organizers of jobs decided based on my test results that I needed to be pulled out of my shell and made to do extroverted things like making phone calls. Choose whichever option fits your Conspiracy Theory Plausibility Type Indicator.

•Where was I going with all that? over-elaborate explanation for why I won't be Twittering? Maybe.

•Or maybe my brain is just shutting further down than usual this week from staying up too late watching the Michael Phelps ShowNBC Olympics Coverage.

I make no promises about my future that? No promises!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay, okay, I can take a hint!

Time to give the public what they want, I think.

Do you know the most common search phrase that brings people to this blog?

"Home remedies for sick cats"

There's just something about the little darlings that makes us want to treat their illnesses at home and not schlep them to the vet, isn't there? We've had to do some home treatment for our cats over the years...sometimes to avoid paying a lot of money for a very minor problem, and sometimes to implement a treatment the vet has recommended.

So, sometime soon I'll put up a series of posts about home remedies for cats. I can't promise a time-frame if Tigger is looking poorly right now, don't hang around waiting, okay? :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why do the (furry) heathen rage? Feline Theology 101

We had a thunderstorm come up suddenly here this afternoon and it made me think...

Is it at all possible that animals go to Heaven? I mean animals we know here in this life...pets, for instance. This is a rhetorical question, of course, although there are a bunch of websites out there with "answers". Just Google "Do pets go to Heaven?" and see how much precious time you can spend reading theories about why or why not God would allow pets into Heaven.

••Disclaimer: This post is not reflective of accurate Biblical theology and doctrine, and is meant for entertainment purposes only. :)

We've had three cats since the grand day when Natalie convinced Tom that she needed a kitty cat. Two of them, Petunia and Gracie, we still have; Basil died three years ago. They each have/had their own doctrinal beliefs, as evidenced by their attitudes and behaviors.

Basil--Calvinist. Basil knew he couldn't do anything to make himself good in God's eyes or in the eyes of anyone else. He knew he was a sinful cat, he knew he didn't deserve to have a good home and good food and a loving family. He was truly grateful for the life God had given him and for the people who cared for him. When he misbehaved he repented.

Petunia--Arminian. Petunia is the classic Arminian, she is working hard for her salvation and she will let you know it. She works constantly to position herself as The Good Girl. When she and Basil would wrestle she would get behind something where he couldn't reach her and then scream and cry about how he was killing her. We used to yell at Basil until we noticed one day that between cries she was very handily wholloping him while he sat there looking guilty.

Gracie--Heathen. Gracie is just, unfortunately, a flat-out heathen. She doesn't care whether she sins, she doesn't care if there is a God, she lives for Gracie and Gracie alone. Oh, and she sorta likes humans if they are willing to cater to her every desire. Actually, Gracie may think of herself as a deity. When things don't go her way she doesn't just complain, she rages.

Which brings me to the storm this afternoon. Gracie was outside when the clouds started rolling in. Natalie went out and called her, but she refused to come inside. Instead she sat on the patio with her ears twitching as the thunder boomed and the lightening flashed. We called her several times, knowing the rain was coming at any moment, but she stiffened her back and refused to come in. The sky was dark, the lightning was wild, the thunder was loud...and she sat on that patio, looked to the sky, and...raised her paw and flicked it at the sky.

When the heavens opened and the rain poured down she suddenly ran for the door and flung herself at it. We let her in, but she showed no signs of repentance...nothing but utter rage that she should have had to be subjected to such an insult.

She probably wouldn't wear a flag pin, either.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Stitching Update

Here's a quick update of my recent stitching projects. I took these photos myself, so please excuse the fuzziness. I am not good at holding still. :) I could have borrowed Natalie's tripod (especially since I was already using her camera) but my main goal was speed, not perfection.

This is "The Rose in Morning" by Little House Needleworks. I finished this a few weeks ago, but hadn't posted a picture of it. I measured it this morning and the finished size is about 4" by 18", so it's probably not going to be made into a pillow as it's doubtful that there are pillow forms out there in that odd size!

This is "Serendipity Sampler" by Papillon Creations. All the outer sections are done and the middle is about half done. The oval motifs will all be filled it with intertwining designs in the medium and lighter pinks, and the diamond in the middle will have a fancy speciality stitch in the center. There are some other details at the edges of the smaller motifs still to be filled in, too.

After I get Serendipity done I need to think about frames. But before I order frames I have to decide whether I will be able to get any other pieces stitched in time for the fair. We order most of our frames from Franken Frames; their prices are reasonable but they have a minimum shipping charge so it makes sense for me to order everything I need at one time.