Thursday, August 21, 2008

Relieved, Reassured, Comforted...and all that...

The USA is going to be okay, people, it really is.

We may be sending all our jobs to India, and buying all our goods from China via WalMart.

We may have two lousy political parties, and two less-than-ideal presidential candidates to choose from.

Our economy may be in the toilet, and gas prices may be so high we can't afford to drive.


When it comes to scantily-clad women playing volleyball on fake beaches we reign supreme. Even though China managed to find some very tall women to make into volleyball players, still the strength and ingenuity of American youth conquered in the end.

And if you can be the country with the best team of women-who-play-volleyball-in-their-undies, well...why would any of that other stuff worry you?


Emily @ Little Home said...

Ha! That is funny. I noticed that the guys wear more modest clothes than the girls!

Jim said...

The Crocs Pro Tour is coming to the Cincinnati area (Mason) this weekend, bringing four gold medalists to play on one of those fake beaches.

It'll take them two days of hard work and 8,000 tons of hauled-in sand to create the courts. No mention was made of what will happen to all that sand when the naked folk leave town...

Kelsey said...

Oh I know eh? We have nothing to worry about lol