Friday, August 1, 2008

Stitching Update

Here's a quick update of my recent stitching projects. I took these photos myself, so please excuse the fuzziness. I am not good at holding still. :) I could have borrowed Natalie's tripod (especially since I was already using her camera) but my main goal was speed, not perfection.

This is "The Rose in Morning" by Little House Needleworks. I finished this a few weeks ago, but hadn't posted a picture of it. I measured it this morning and the finished size is about 4" by 18", so it's probably not going to be made into a pillow as it's doubtful that there are pillow forms out there in that odd size!

This is "Serendipity Sampler" by Papillon Creations. All the outer sections are done and the middle is about half done. The oval motifs will all be filled it with intertwining designs in the medium and lighter pinks, and the diamond in the middle will have a fancy speciality stitch in the center. There are some other details at the edges of the smaller motifs still to be filled in, too.

After I get Serendipity done I need to think about frames. But before I order frames I have to decide whether I will be able to get any other pieces stitched in time for the fair. We order most of our frames from Franken Frames; their prices are reasonable but they have a minimum shipping charge so it makes sense for me to order everything I need at one time.

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agentlejoy said...

These are gorgeous! I am so impressed, and it sounds like you have been very, very busy, too.

I've also been busy, but all I have to show for it is two more strips of my afghan. Not nearly as impressive.