Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the phone this morning

Me: Oh, yes, she does have cute kids! Yes, they are a very attractive family.

Caller: Well, I know who I'm voting for, for sure!

Me: I haven't made up my mind yet; I'm not happy with either of the two main candidates.

Caller: You can't trust Obama, that's for sure! Oho, no, there's no way you can trust him!

Me: Politicians are like that, aren't they? They say so much and yet you can't tell if they're really telling the truth.

Caller: Well! I'd say you can certainly believe John McCain!! He was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, you know. And you know they offered to let him go because of who his dad was, and he refused their offer! So!!

Me: ??????

***Beth changes subject, wraps up phone call, hangs up phone, beats head against wall and wonders (yet again) if we really are getting exactly the government we deserve***


Jim said...

C'mon, let it out...

Really - it'll make you feel so much better! (Wow! I could be part of the Obamination!)


Which one of our relatives WAS it? :)

Beth said...

Which one of our relatives WAS it? :)

It was, oddly enough, NOT a relative.

But last night we heard essentially the same thing from said relatives...which was to be expected. :)

Kim said...

I can't wait until November. I'm sick of all of this.

saras said...

Everyone think I must be a huge supporter of Palin since I'm from Alaska! Hmm... :) Just because I'm from Alaska, doesn't mean I'll vote for every other Alaskan! Besides, like I have to remind those people, McCain is running for president not Palin.

ANYWAY! I'll be glad when it's all over! Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn't realize you were on here too...I'll have to bookmark your blog!

agentlejoy said...

It's like the whole election arena has become a great big popularity contest. We may never see a picture of McCain again, because Palin is so much cuter. May I go on record as being the first person to say that I, for one, am glad we don't have a bathing suit competition as part of the pageant? (Yet.)

Karen said...

AAargh!! Aren't you so SICK of it all? I hate to admit it, but I have been mildly amused with some of it since Palin came into the arena, but Eric won't let me watch any of it. It makes him so mad, he sits there and yells... btw... why can't we just vote like they do on American Idol?? Anyone?, Anyone? I mean... do we not HAVE the technology to do this??