Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pobre Tomate!

No es triste? She wishes she could dance!

Like the cucumber...libre y suavemente.

But she can't. Not even at Uncle Louie's polka party.

Well, maybe the tomate (look at my picture, look at Bob the resemblance, no?) doesn't really want to dance. Okay, yeah, she does, but she knows her body won't cooperate any more.

But what she really wishes is that these modern contra dances were set up more like the dances back in Jane Austen's day. Or, at least, Jane Austen's day as portrayed in the movies. With, you know, comfy-ish chairs around the edges where the old ladies sit. Because it would be really fun to pretend to be Mrs. Bennet at one of these deals...sit there cramming cake in one's mouth and being loud and vulgar and speculating about how much money the young men make.



I really don't act like that all the time. Well, okay, but it's cookies, not cake. (See note above re: family resemblance and rotundity) And I don't talk with my mouth full. Much.

Unlike Mrs. Bennet, though, I would for sure bring some knitting or crocheting to work on. You've got to wonder how many of her nerve problems and how much of her crankiness were brought on by sitting around watching young people spinning around at high rates of speed.


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Well, I'm sure the cucumber's clothing WOULD be a poncho, if the cucumber had arms, BUT it oddly and strangely resembles... a skirt! ;.)

So, what do you call dancing vegetables? (I'm getting a mental picture of vegetable soup...)

In the case with Nat-Cat and her trusty sidekick, me, I guess she would be the cucumber since she is tall and I would be the tomato since I am short... However, I may speak better Spanish; (Nat, hable espanol?)

Natalie said...

Oh how funny...I just now noticed that the poncho looks like a skirt. It's a contra dance skirt!!! :D Um, nevermind...

No, I don't speak Spanish...not much anyway.

Jim said...

Bob has a cool hat.

Maybe you need a cool hat for your blog photo.

No, not a knitting project - yarn is never involved in the creation of a cool hat.

Surprise us all. Don the cool chapeau!

Anonymous said...

Either way, Kanga or Piglet, even Eeyore, would have to be better than resembling Bob the Tomato!?!

Am I right, or am I right?

Sarcastic people are my favorite kind...


Natalie said...

yarn is never involved in the creation of a cool hat.

You can make a cool-ish hat out of yarn, but yeah, not a totally cool hat.

You know, I'm not sure I even know what I'm talking about...

Bob's hat is cool. That's definite.