Monday, September 1, 2008

Some good reading and listening for a Monday

Yesterday Stu Johnston from Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Mebane spoke at our morning worship service. His message was called Six Reasons God Allows Satan To Attack Us, and if you click on that title you will be able to listen to the sermon at the PBC website.

Pastor Johnston based his message on the 22nd chapter of Luke, where Jesus tells Peter that the Devil has desired to sift him. I won't give a recap of the message here because I would ruin it. Just go listen to it in Pastor Johnston's own words. It was both comforting and convicting and a strong reminder of God's sovereignty.

Another strong reminder of God's sovereignty...hymn #75 in the new Trinity Hymnal! We sang this yesterday:

O Father, You Are Sovereign

O Father, You are sovereign in all the worlds You made;
Your mighty Word was spoken, and light and life obeyed.
Your voice commands the seasons and bounds the ocean’s shore,
Sets stars within their courses and stills the tempests’ roar.

O Father, You are sovereign in all affairs of man;
No powers of death or darkness can thwart Your perfect plan.
All chance and change transcending, supreme in time and space,
You hold your trusting children secure in Your embrace.

O Father, You are sovereign the Lord of human pain,
Transmuting earthly sorrows to gold of heavenly gain,
All evil overruling, as none but Conqueror could,
Your love pursues its purpose—our souls’ eternal good.

O Father, You are sovereign! We see You dimly now,
But soon before Your triumph earth’s every knee shall bow.
With this glad hope before us our faith springs forth anew:
Our Sovereign Lord and Savior, we trust and worship You!

This is the tune used for this hymn in the Trinity Hymnal.

I needed the reminders of God's sovereignty this weekend after spending time Friday and Saturday thinking about John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice president. I was initially enthused about Palin...after all, she's everything McCain used to be, or at least used to claim to be! But my initial enthusiasm cooled off after I started thinking about the Biblical ramifications of a woman being in this position. I've been mulling over how to present my opinions on this and how best to express my objections. But in the meantime others have stepped up and expressed this much better than I I will link to them and encourage you to read their thoughts carefully and prayerfully.

Carmon Friedrich of Buried Treasure Books posted this entry on Saturday and hers was the first post I saw this weekend that raised this question. (Editing to add---others surely may have posted before Carmon, she even links to some of them---this was only the first one I saw.)

Follow the links from Carmon's post to get some additional perspectives, and read her comments to get agreement and disagreement from her readers.

Voddie Bauchum also addressed the McCain/Palin candidacy in the light of Scripture and from a pro-family viewpoint. I appreciated his calm, reasoned tone.

EDITING AGAIN ON TUESDAY: Today I noticed that our pastor, Michael Beasley, had also written about Palin's candidacy at The Armoury. Be sure to read this one, too!

If any of my readers has written, or knows of, a Biblically-based argument in favor of Palin being vice-president I would be interested in seeing it. For those of you who are having the immediate reaction "But that means you're going to vote for Obama!" or "But if you don't vote for McCain Obama will win!"...scroll back up to the top of the post and listen to the sermon and read the hymn about God's sovereignty. Then you might go take a look at these links for some ideas of how America's two-party system could be changed. BIG NOTE: The Cat is NOT endorsing, recommending, or idealizing either of these two parties. She might be voting for one of them; that remains to be seen at this time.

Constitution Party-Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle

Libertarian Party-Bob Barr


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sermon link :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know- the one verse I continually see "headship" writers overlook is Paul's rather definitive statement that now there is no more Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. The man who once preached that women in church should sit down and shut up, eventually produces this declaration that all people are equally children of God's kingdom.

In our home, my husband works and I stay home with my children. I work to be submissive to his wishes and desires, but I do it out of love, and I run the household finances! This vice presidentially nominated woman is apparently extraordinarily gifted in leadership and charisma, and if her husband sees fit to allow it, I find it hard to understand why they are being criticized for headship issues. Juanita Bynum's comment on this springs to mind- she is a woman gifted in preaching and prophecy, and she talks in her books about what a blessing it is to come home and to lean on her husband's strength, support and wisdom. She says that her ministry is not a violation of headship because her husband still leads and supports her in everything she undertakes.

Women have always been active in their husband's political lives. Look at John & Abigail Adams, for example. I didn't mind your comments on this subject,Cat, but some of the links made me mad as heck. What happens to my freedom in christ, my freedom to follow what I feel God is calling me to be, if I have to conform to someone else's idea of christian living? Shall we all wear bonnets like the Amish? Scripture clearly states that we should keep our heads covered out of respect for our husbands and Christ. Scripture also forbids eating bacon and piercing our ears. Do we really believe in the freedom of the second covenant or not? Is this performance Christianity or not?

"Who are you to condemn god's servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let him tell them whether they are right or wrong. The Lord's power will help them do as they should." Romans 14: 4

Modern day pharisees.... bleah.

Sorry I got so passionate on this one- I'll understand if you don't post my comment.

And I thought the video you posted was really cool! I haven't heard that song in eons.

Scott said...

I appreciate your comments, Beth, and feel you have the right to write what you want, as it is your blog. Just as you feel that Palin should not be vice president, there are many people who feel you should not have a blog. In some people's opinions, woman shouldn't occupy their times in such intellectual capacities. I assure you, this is NOT my opinion, and to attest to this, you can see my blog. After having said this, I just want to say that the prohibitions in scripture for women not leading are clearly in and to the church (1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:8-13). Neither Republicans nor Democrats, as parties, are represented in the church and therefore cannot be expected to abide by our standards. I have not read the blogs you refer to and so cannot comment on them. I do want to say as food for thought that our sovereign God put Deborah in as a judge of Israel as told in Judges 4:4-14. Incidentally, she had to deal with a Barak of her own. See Judges 4:6-5:31.

Beth said...

Monique---You're welcome! I hope it will be a blessing to you as it was to me.

Angela---Thank you for sharing your perspective. If I deleted every comment that I didn't agree with I would be censoring good friends and relatives frequently. :) I publish pretty much every comment that isn't obscene and/or spam.

Scott---Maybe I should be flattered that you think my blog is an expression of my "intellectual capacity" :) It really isn't meant to be.

I know you are very busy with work right now, but if you get a chance please do read the blog articles I linked. I would particularly recommend Pastor Beasley's and also Pastor Bauchum's. None of the bloggers I linked are using the passages you mentioned (1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:8-13) to proscribe Palin's candidacy. I didn't mention those verses, either, although now that you bring it up...I Timothy 2:13 *might* be applicable!

Someday perhaps I'll do a post about how I view my use of this blog. Just to be clear for now, though, it is NOT a venue for me to teach or be in authority over men. A post like this one is to share my opinion, with my husband's approval and full agreement and blessing.

Anonymous said...

I think i mostly blog because I'm home alone (well- as alone as you can be with four kids) so much, and it give me the illusion that I'm talking to another adult!!!