Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fair Results

First of all, not much sunburn but MUCH complaining about the smell of sunscreen. I despise the smell of sunscreen, so I don't use it unless I absolutely have to. But Tom was putting on some nifty new sunscreen and assured me that it didn't smell at all. He later amended that remark to "It doesn't smell at all...except to bloodhounds!" Yes, you can read that as being said in a very exasperated tone of voice.

We ate ribeye steak sandwiches and funnel cakes, with Colin subbing a corn dog for the ribeye sandwich part of the meal. We only managed to see one show, but I'm glad we saw the one we did. It was a family group called the Rhinestone Ropers. They did rope tricks, gun twirling and slinging tricks, and whip tricks. Colin got called up front with some other little boys to learn how to twirl a rope. And I found the perfect place to sit...propped against the wheel of a bobcat-type tractor. It even provided shade!!

Well, Natalie will probably provide more details about and pictures of the other things we saw. I'll get on with the exhibition results.

First of all, crafty stuff. In this picture are all the crocheted items I entered:

Results: pastel striped baby afghan--nothing; big ripple afghan--third place; purple scarf--third place; navy hat--second place; stuffed cat--nothing.

Then the cross-stitched pieces:

This was entered in the Flowers category, and did not win anything.

This was entered in the Animals category, and also did not win anything.

This was entered in the Sampler category, and got second place. That was exciting!

(My philosophy with all my craft entries is to enter things I want to make because I like them or am giving them to someone who will like them. Sometimes this means I win ribbons and sometimes it doesn't. Those of you who have seen the competition I had this year will know I was very blessed to get this many ribbons!)

Okay, now cooking entries. We didn't take any pictures of these entries, so you just get a list for this part. :)

Breads: light rolls--nothing white bread--third place hot cross buns--nothing

Cookies: gingersnaps--second place sugar cookies--second place peanut butter cookies--first place

Cakes: white--third place yellow---first place devil's food--second place cake mix--nothing applesauce--third place prune cake--second place

All in all, I am very happy with the results this year. I also have some ideas of what to do differently next year. The total premium check I'll get this year is $136.00...Christmas shopping money!!! Which is the third reason I do this every's not that I'm so fond of those little polyester ribbons. :) The first reason, when I'm thinking properly about this, is to glorify God and to keep up some skills that I can use to bless my family and others. The second reason is to promote homemade cooking and crafting and keep that part of the fair going.

Typing all this out helped me to feel encouraged about this year's fair. As is usual for me the day after the fair, I am sore and tired and feeling not-very-good overall. But when I look over the results and think about all the neat things we saw that other people had done I start getting excited about projects for next year. Time to start stitching and hunting for recipes!! (I think there was only one cake entered in the "any other spice cake" category---target selected!)


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

The fair is always exciting! Congratulations on your ribbons, but whether or not you won, your entries look nice.

Also, your peanut butter cookies I saw at the fair looked very good...

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Did you notice anything different about this comment from other comments I have left? :) hhhmmmm

Beth said...

Well, I am a little bit slow on the uptake. :) But now that you point it out!!! What did you do...go home from the fellowship this afternoon and just whip out a blog design and post??

No had another post on there? And this probably what you meant in another comment about it not being easy to blog when you're tired?

Okay, you may admit me to the Sticht Center for dementia and cluelessness. :)

It looks good!!

Karen said...