Monday, October 6, 2008

Jet Dry

Whenever I am rilly, rilly, rillllllyyyy in a hurry to get the dishwasher started it happens. I add the detergent, close the door, hit the start button, and kaboom... There's the "add rinse agent" light.

This indicator doesn't light up at the end of a cycle, that would make too much sense. You could see the little light and calmly fill the dispenser after emptying the dishwasher. No, that would be too easy. Even though it couldn't have gotten any emptier sitting there (evaporation? I am not listening to you!) it can only now tell you about its sad, empty state.

So it's empty, and it needs to be filled, and those of you getting ready to argue with me about that (Jim!!) can think about condensation and surface tension and why dishwashers with a no-heat drying cycle have stainless steel walls.

Dig around in the under-sink cabinet, think to self "Someday, SOMEBODY has got to clean this up, there is dust and crud everywhere!", find Jet Dry. Open flip-top, realize this is a new bottle, open screw lid, peel off little stickery-protection-from-doom-thingy, open dishwasher, open dispenser cover, attempt to fill reservoir with Jet Dry.

The reservoir is flattish and has a little plastic window thing that is supposed to indicate when it is full, and the area to pour the stuff in has a little dial and plastic arrow that can be moved around to dispense more or less of the stuff during the rinse cycle. The best way to fill the reservoir without wasting the Jet Dry is to squirt in a little bit, let it trickle in, squirt in more, trickle in, etc, etc, ad infinitum, world without end, amen.

However the bottle is full. It does not know the meaning of the term "squirt in a little bit", so even with a very gentle pressure it is pouring out enough to rapidly overflow the opening and douse the inside of the dishwasher door. Attempting to let the Jet Dry flow out of the bottle without exerting pressure is also a no-go.

So the thing is full, I guess. I can never see any difference in the little indicator window thing. But I've put A Quantity of Jet Dry in it, therefore it is full. Close the flap, close the dishwasher, press the start button again, off we go.

The Jet Dry bottle is labeled boldly with the inscription "New and Improved". It can't be both, can it? Or did they develop a new formula, discover it was awful, and have to improve it? The bottle doesn't say what was new and what was improved. I will testify that the bottle and dispensing method are neither.

New and Improved. The sign at the KFC says "New Original Recipe Strips". What part of that is new? The "original" recipe? In which case, is it "original" as in the first one they started with? Or as in "nobody thought of this before"? Or are the "strips" the new part? Or did they just cook up some new ones today instead of serving week-old ones like they did yesterday?

The dishes got clean. I didn't eat any "strips". Happy Monday, everyone!


Jim said...

Just a couple quick notes:

Doesn't your Jet Dry dispenser have a removable cover? Most do... ours threads out, which makes adding the blue junk a lot simpler.

The "new" thing about "New Original Recipe Strips" is that they used to be plain crispy strips, but now they're made with the "original recipe" breading. They're not too bad...

Btw, it seems that you've sent the entire Cantrall side of the clan on a blogging frenzy. :) You trend-setter, you!

Beth said...

Here's a link to a picture at Repair Clinic: Ours is that kind, but you can't really see the part where the rinse aid goes in. Next time you're here I'll show it to you!

I had noticed a bunch of family bloggers, but I don't think I'm to blame for getting them going. :)

agentlejoy said...


Our rinse agent is a screw-top, too, but you have to pump a little pump to see if there's still any in there. How often do you think we do that?

Earthmommy said...

I wish my dishwasher had an add rinse agent reminder! I never realizes I need any until after icky crusty stuff has dried on my dishes.

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