Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now the jihad needs containin'!

Since we homeschool we have some freedom to tweak our school days to fit around real life. So, one thing we do every year is take off school the week we turn in our entries at the Dixie Classic Fair. Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday are spent frantically finishing our baking projects. In theory we should have all the crafts done before this week, but a couple of us were knitting and crocheting hats at the last minute. And one of us was very slooowwwwllly painting a foam core board to put his Lego project on.

You'd think Colin would enjoy having the week off. But, no, he is bored and doesn't know what to do with his free time. Monday afternoon he stomped in to where I was working and declared "I am going to have to GET A JOB because I am tired of having NOTHING TO DO in the Fall!!"

Turns out, he intends to be a tailor and make clothing for animals. Yes, we read too much Beatrix Potter, why do you ask? Unfortunately it took a long time for me to understand what his chosen career was and this only added to his frustration. He has trouble with the "th" sound, so I thought he was telling me (loudly) that he wanted to "make cloves". I think that's an understandable mistake for an old woman who has been baking cakes and cookies for two days straight.

We got all our fair entries delivered today, and by "we" I mean "Natalie". She delivered stuff and I cleaned up the kitchen. Pretty good deal, I think. She took pictures for me of my craft projects, but we haven't had time to tweak them and get them ready to post. I entered: a large afghan, a baby afghan, a crocheted hat, a scarf, a cat, and three cross-stitched pieces. I also entered six cakes, three kinds of cookies, dinner rolls, white bread, and hot cross buns. I didn't enter the new Official Burnie R. Little Scone category because I do not have the gift of scones.

When I started this post I had some sort of outline in mind and had a general idea of where it was going. No longer. I'm either really, really, really tired...or else my brain has become clogged with all the powdered sugar I inhaled this afternoon. My hands still feel sticky. Time to shower, read the paper, and crawl in bed. Tomorrow morning I can start thinking about what to make for next year.


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I know what you mean... I already have the beginning of an idea for next year. :) (I am tired too; I probably should not be blogging with a tired brain because I have been doing silly things the last couple days due to having a brain full of fair stuff!)

Jim said...

Maybe it's time for Colin's uncle to come "teach him how TO WORK!" [Insert wretched flashbacks here]

If you were looking for something that he could work on for hours (without causing a lot of harm due to limited supervision), give him a rake and some good garden gloves and have him start de-thatching all four lawns. It would take *forever* to do it right, but even done poorly it'll help them look a little nicer in the spring.

Beth said...

Jim, he would last about 10 minutes de-thatching and that would be that. He's lazy. But we do make him work; he's just going to take a lot of teaching.

Amanda, I saw some of your stuff at the fair but I couldn't find all of it. You'll have to fill me in with details and tell me what you're scheming about for next year. :)