Thursday, October 2, 2008

To Do Today

1. Sleep Late

Status: done (slept till 8:30!)

2. Recover From Fair Prep

Status: purt near

3. Clean Bathroom

Status: done

4. Try New Brand Of Contacts Eye Doc Recommended

Status: in eyes now, fit well but slightly itchy

5. Wash, Dry, and Fold Three Loads of Laundry

Status: one completely done, one in dryer, one in washer

6. Kitchen Chores: Polish stove, make ice, put away folding table and extra baking supplies

Status: done

7. Check Online Accounts

Status: still to be done

8. Fix Easy Supper Involving Hamburger and Canned Biscuits

Status: hamburger thawing

9. Read Paper

Status: still to be done, probably this evening between suppertime and The Debate

10. Blog Post

Status: really close to being done


saras said...

Uhm, Note to Beth!

1. 8:30 is NOT sleeping in
2. You forgot STITCHING on your list!

DUH! :)

Beth said...

Oh, Sara, unfortunately 8:30 is late around our house. Tom and Natalie leave at 7:30 and Colin is usually up by the time they leave. So 8:30 felt luxurious!

I was SO TIRED I was afraid to stitch...can you imagine?! I would've had to frog it all out the next day.