Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Ever have one of those days/lives when it feels like everything is held in suspense? Or do I mean "held in suspension"? Because I started to type that first, and then thought that sounded more like what happens when you mix a solid with a liquid in chemistry class. Or is that "in solution"?

I have a jury duty notice for tomorrow. I am waiting for it to be after 5:00PM so I can call the automated system and find out if I have to go in. My number is 7. You know, the "good" number in the Bible (I think the lengths to which people can take Biblical numerology are a bit out there, but the 7 thing IS there in Scripture) so does that count for anything? If it was 666 maybe they wouldn't want me to come in, eh?

Jury duty isn't a BAD thing per se; it's just a disruption of my life and I don't do disruption very well. My body is used to waking up slowly and getting breakfast when it's good and ready to digest it, and having two big cups of tea before coping with school work...things like that. Getting up at the crack of dawn and running downtown to the courthouse (to stand outside in the cold till they let us into the secured building!) is just too painful to think about right now. So I'm fretting. It's 3:52, so an hour and a few minutes till I can call and learn my fate.

Then there's the election next week. I've wracked my brain to come up with way to justify voting for any of the presidential candidates allowed on the NC ticket. No go. I saw a blog post where someone described it as being not the "lesser of two evils" this year, but the "different of two evils". That really sums it up for me. Which form of evil do I want to support? Yikes!

Just getting to vote this year is a major ordeal because some people who have never voted before are coming out in droves to impact the election. Well, good for them! I mean that sincerely, and I hope, hope, hope they've educated themselves about the options before making their choice. But fighting crowds does not make doing one's civic duty any more pleasant or enjoyable to look forward to.

Lesser things to wait for...well, I guess I'm somewhat fretted about whether any of the rest of us will get Colin's cold. But it's not a big hairy deal. I always fret about what Colin may or may not do when he's sick, but since I try not to horrify people too much that's all the more I'll say about that.

Okay, typing that all out helped some, I think. Jury duty will either happen or not happen. Side note: I wonder if juries are still supposed to be composed of one's peers? How many forty-something home school moms are criminals? The only time I've done jury duty before was in Illinois, and there I ended up being an alternate on a rape trial. I most assuredly do NOT consider myself a "peer" with the hastily-scrubbed-up-and-trimmed-and-put-into-a-suit scumbag of a defendant. At least not in the legal or worldly the sense that he and I are both descendants of Adam and inheritors of Adam's sin I guess we were pretty much peers.

Hey, we went to a daintz Friday night! It was encouraging to be with other families who are attempting to train their children in the faith. It was fun to get to meet some of Natalie's bloggy friends and their parents. It was not fun to learn that the equation tom+extreme fatigue+no-doz+thumping music+spinning people+photography=dizziness. Again with the worrying, because when he told me he needed to go outside and get some air because he was dizzy the only thing I could think was that he'd gotten food poisoning or was having a heart attack. As it turned out, just getting away from the visual and aural stimuli cleared his head and he was fine from there on out.

It was great to watch an older couple who looked like they had been square dancing for decades. They kept up with the young people with absolutely no problem; I don't think they even broke a sweat. The young people seemed to have a good time. Natalie said one of her bloggy friends told her she didn't look the same as on her blog...she was probably giving him the homeschooled glare of death or something. But I know what he meant, because I had seen pictures of several of the people there and it was still an odd disconnect to put voices together with faces and to see the faces and bodies in motion. I also found that I built up personality "pictures" in my mind for a couple of people based on their writing styles, and had to suddenly drastically alter that picture upon meeting the people. Which is why it's good to get out and fellowship with people instead of relying on the Internet for socialization, I guess. :)

4:13 PM...less than an hour till the verdict on jury duty. Colin has just placed, using magnetic letters, an "I", an "A", a "1", and a "3" on the fridge and wants me to tell him what's missing. Uh??

Edited at 5:21 PM...they want jurors 81-256. Happy for me, not so happy for those folks...unless they wanted to go, in which case I wish them well. :)


Natalie said...

" take it on faith, you take it to the heart..." aw, gee thanks...

Probably "in solution"...suspension is like the cold medicine...although that might be it too. I don't know.

it was still an odd disconnect to put voices together with faces

Yeah, that was kind of funny!

saras said...

it's after 5:00! what's the verdict?! I have no idea with the I,A,1 and 3..I am so DUMB that way!:) i'll have to ask my 6th grader! :)

Beth said...

Sara, I got off the hook this time...yay! They say on the summons that you can't bring knitting needles, so I had a feeling they would frown on stitching supplies, too.

I have no idea what the code means, either, and I have a feeling it doesn't mean anything at all. :) He's 7, he likes to make things up. :)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I finally figured out what you are trying to "say" when you write "daintz." Fortunately, I had a hard time trying to 'say' it!

Beth said...

Amanda, you have to imagine the word being said by an older man with poufy white hair, wearing a pale blue striped seersucker suit, a bright peach tie, and white loafers. Got it now? :)

(The gentleman described above is merely a figment of my imagination and is not meant to represent anyone real.)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Well... I knew a guy, who apparently owned only the suit you just described, and wore it to a funeral. (Needless to say, he was noticed.)

The funny thing was that even my 4 or 5 year old cousin noticed the suit, saw ANOTHER man with the same suit at a church we visited that weekend, and yelled out: "Hey, that man is wearing 'Bobby's' suit."

Okay... maybe you had to be there. The first man was named Bobby, by the way.

Jim said...

Beth, you know the old line...

"If you're not part of the solution... just haven't been mixed thoroughly."


Btw, liquid ibuprofen for kids is probably the best example of a suspension you'll find. (If you're part of a solution, you're completely dissolved.)

monique said...

I know what you mean! I just got a letter that I'll need to be available for jury selection in federal court for two weeks in December! Yeesh... can't the criminals take a holiday? LOL I have to admit I'm kinda looking forward to it, though... I've never been called before.

Jim said...

Monique, you may not be happy if you're selected for federal court. If you wind up on a grand jury, your duration of service can be up to eighteen months.

You can imagine what sort of grand juries we wind up with when they're stocked with folks who can give up eighteen months of their lives for $40 a day.