Thursday, October 23, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

Or when brothers hand you blog posts...

Jim's questions from the comments in replies with bullet points.

- Have you been practicing your "Men Without Hats" impersonations?

• I plan to act real rude and totally removed...and also like an imbecile.

- How did Dad get back through security? I'm glad this happened in Phoenix and not in some place like Chicago. Btw, how did they wind up routed through PHX? What sort of weird ticket is that?

•He showed his ID at the ticket counter and got duplicate papers.

•Amen! But they did it at O'Hare last time, too.

•It's the cheapest way to get to Bend without having two or three stops at places like Newark or DC.

•Ask your brother.

- What sort of dance is this? Will there be {shudder} body contact involved?


•It depends on how badly they trip over each other.

- Will there be an overbearing homeschool MWAP "in charge" who determines which of the fifteen verses of each Martin Luther hymn you must dance to? (Yes, now IS the time on Shprockets vhen ve dance!)

•We can only hope!

•Who skips verses??

- I have a denim jumper.

•With a whacking great flag pin on it?

- Whatever you do, don't wear the wrong trousers.

•Ex-NASA! Fantastic for walkies!

- Who/what is Colin dressing up as for All Hallows Even? Will you slaughter any livestock?

•We're planning on Joe the Plumber right now, but there's always the scarecrow option.

•If they come to our door!

- Why does Colin have a pink eraser? Perhaps he'd do better with something that's manly white.

•Because they don't make "Blue Pearl" erasers?

•Are you eraser-racist?

- Ten more days till DST ends, then our evening meals will be plunged into darkness and despair... and not because of the menu.

•Quit feeding those kids those awful hunks of meat, they want veggies!

See, that was easy. If I could do that every day I could do NaBloPoMo. Anybody want to volunteer to write lengthy comments for me everyday?


Natalie said...

Will there be {shudder} body contact involved?

•It depends on how badly they trip over each other.

Actually there will be shocking...and also appalling. Que horror!!!

You didn't mention that Grandpa almost got left at the Phoenix airport. :P

Diane said...

Thanks for your entry for the tabletopper, Beth! I've been to Winston-Salem (cousins in the Greensboro area) - it's a lovely place.

I take it you are a cross-stitcher?

agentlejoy said...

I'm glad the state fair is over. Your posts have gone back to being chortlingly funny.

And thanks for the comment- I needed a laugh!!