Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you Wednesday bullet points?

•My parents made it to Oregon and back with only one incident...Dad went off in search of milkshakes at the Phoenix airport and ended up outside the security checkpoint without his ticket and boarding pass.

•Dad is not senile, he has always wandered off...usually at state parks, airports, or convention centers, and always leaving Mom stranded.

•The earliest wandering incident I know of was when he took me and two of my cousins for "short walk" at a state park and got us lost. I was young enough at the time that I have no memory of this, but my cousins and my mom remember it vividly.

•Apparently we are attending a dance this Friday. I was going to say we were attending it "en famille" but when I looked that up it turns out that means staying at home with one's family. We are attending "en masse".

•When I type the word "dance" consider it pronounced "daintz" or "dayuhntz".

•Because I said so.

•I am pretty much in a torment of introverted spazziness about this shindig. We are going to a town I've never been to, and meeting a bunch of people I've never met, and I will probably have to Talk To People.

•What does one wear to one of these things if one is not going to dance? These people are homeschoolers, some of them, and from a church somewhat like denim jumpers?

•Ha! Homeschool joke. :)

•I do have a denim jumper, but it's too big for me. I'm saving it for when the economy totally tanks and we need to reupholster something.

•Slacks would be most comfortable...I hate the word "slacks", and the word "trousers". But when you're on message boards with Brits they make fun of you for saying you're wearing "pants" because that means undies to them.

•Someone in this household is being obstreperous and objecting to cutting his/her hair to make his/her Halloween costume more authentic.

•We have a complicated and inconsistent family position on Halloween. Sometimes we let our kids go trick-or-treating and sometimes we celebrate Reformation Day instead.

•Should a homeschooling mother really have to tell her son, as I did just now, "Use your pink eraser to erase your desk!"? Math a la Colin.

•Fall is here, fall is here, fall is here!!! My favorite season of the year!!!

•Now if we could just get back on Standard time, life would be wonderful!

•In Arizona they don't switch to Daylight Saving Time. John McCain is from AZ. I wonder if he would make it law that the rest of us don't have to switch.

•Because I might could be persuaded to vote for him if he'd do that.

•Anybody who thinks getting $5K per year to purchase a family's insurance with is a good deal has not priced insurance lately.

•So there I go getting political again, and then I'll get sarcastic. And that's why I can't go out in public. To daintzes and things like that.

•Last night I stitched after not getting any stitching done for several days. But the two projects I have kitted up and in my bag are not thrilling me at all right now.

•They are things I will like a lot when I get done with them, but the stitching is tedious.

•Later today I'll pull out my Big Box O' Stash and kit up something else less finicky. I have this pattern, and I have fabric and floss to make it with, and I have a spot in the kitchen to hang it, and I have a frame to frame it with.

•So, that looks like one obvious choice. But maybe something else will catch my eye...we'll see.

•Okay, this is becoming an even more boring post than usual so I will put y'all out of your misery and stop!


Natalie said...

When I type the word "dance" consider it pronounced "daintz" or "dayuhntz".


Jim said...

Random responses:

- Have you been practicing your "Men Without Hats" impersonations?

- How did Dad get back through security? I'm glad this happened in Phoenix and not in some place like Chicago. Btw, how did they wind up routed through PHX? What sort of weird ticket is that?

- What sort of dance is this? Will there be {shudder} body contact involved?

- Will there be an overbearing homeschool MWAP "in charge" who determines which of the fifteen verses of each Martin Luther hymn you must dance to? (Yes, now IS the time on Shprockets vhen ve dance!)

- I have a denim jumper.

- Whatever you do, don't wear the wrong trousers.

- Who/what is Colin dressing up as for All Hallows Even? Will you slaughter any livestock?

- Why does Colin have a pink eraser? Perhaps he'd do better with something that's manly white.

- Ten more days till DST ends, then our evening meals will be plunged into darkness and despair... and not because of the menu.