Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Arrggghhhh....10 Things Tuesday!

So, I tried to do a "Ten Things Tuesday" post. I thought I would be so clever and it would all be pictures, so I spent way too much time tracking down funny captioned pictures from LOLCats and others. Pictures with a political theme to fit the day. Got them all arranged and the codes entered properly (as far as I know, anyway). And now they won't work. Blogger doesn't like the HTML on them.

So you don't get funny pictures, you get crankiness.

(Grabbing self by scruff of neck and administering stern shaking.)

Okay, we'll try it analog. Ten Things That Make Me Smile

1. God is still in control!

2. Elections don't last forever!

3. Maple leaves in the fall

4. The return to Eastern Standard Time

5. Plump lazy cats holding down the furniture

6. Comfort food on a chilly night

7. Cross-stitching while listening to the TV

8. Colin cleaning his room all by himself!

9. Incandescent lights on a dreary day

10. Driving over acorns

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