Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As Usual, I Am Ahead Of The Trend

I can't do NaBloPoMo. I freely admit that, and I finally know myself well enough, at my advanced age and all, to not even set myself up for that kind of failure.

But without my readers even realizing it, I have been a part of a new movement in the blogosphere. The future of blogging, what the really cool kids do. I didn't want to scare y'all earlier and make you feel inadequate as you try to reach the high standard I'm setting. But now that it's become national news, I think it's time to be open with you, my readership.

I am a Slow Blogger.

Yes, we are out there, and we are a force to be reckoned with. We're not the Taco Bell of blogs, the blogs you gulp down on the way to soccer practice, the blogs that make you get up all night long with food poisoning...well, okay, maybe the analogy breaks down after a while.

But we are the Slow Food of blogging. I think we need a logo.


Rebecca said...

...techies experiment to see how infrequently they can post before readers desert them.

Wait...I was supposed to do this after I had readers?!?

Jim said...

Ten days without a post...

You are the Queen of Slow Bloggers! :)