Tuesday, November 25, 2008

But first, a blog post.

Which is what I said to myself a few minutes ago, after looking over my to-do list for the sixty-seven bazillionth time today. Update accounts, make apple crisp topping, clean monitor, eBay searches, order gift cards, strain gravy base...but first, a blog post.

•Okay, first of all, looking at that list of what's left to do today, I don't feel too bad. I got a lot of things done, and I don't even have to finish most of those. The gravy base won't wait, but everything else will.

•We now have one completely working phone. Well, if you don't want to wander too far with it. The cord is from the bedroom phone and it's a bit short, so there's no picking up the receiver and walking to someplace comfy to sit.

•BUT, two new classic Trimline phones are on their way from Radio Shack, and there was very great rejoicing. These are exactly like the phone we have in the kitchen now, except they are black. One is going in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen, and if I could have bought a more retro phone I would have.

I could have. But I didn't want to spend that much. Or this much. And that, my friends, is called knowing one's priorities. It's just a phone, and I hate talking on the phone, but...oh my, that is a pretty red phone. A pretty red phone which would end up falling on the floor because my husband insists he can't walk around phones that big without banging into them with his shoulders.

•I will end the suspense now. My middle name is Jane, and not after Jane Austen as far as I know, Rebecca. Your grandparents are not Austen fans, and your grandpa who will read every billboard on the highway (out loud!) just to have something to read, won't read her books.

•A shout-out to my nephew, Jim, who has moved to the Chicago burbs to go to school. Hey, Jim! We will miss you at Thanksgiving, especially when we get to the "McQwilkin, no child left behind" part of the proceedings. :) You should start a blog, in your spare time you know, and keep us up-to-date on what you're doing!

•At Thanksgiving I miss living further north, for just one reason. It's cold enough there almost every year that the back porch can become a back-up refrigerator. Every year I think that we should look into buying a second fridge for holiday gatherings, but I'm not sure where we'd put it.

•The rest of the year I think a second freezer would be nice. So I probably need both, right? Or would the cost of extra electricity to run them be outrageous. So many things to think about, so few really interesting things to blog about. :)

•Tom and Colin installed an electronic thermostat on our...well, what does one install a thermostat on? The "system"? The furnace? The wall! They installed it on the wall. :)

•If we save large sums of money on our heating and cooling bills, I will be sure to let y'all know.

•Biggest advantage I've noticed thus far with the new thermostat? It has nice large numbers, so I can see what it's set on without having to stand on the other side of the hall and look at it sideways.

Okay, it's almost 5:30, and I've got nothing interesting left, not that I had anything interesting to start with. Time to go make some supper and get this gravy base taken care of. There will probably be some blogging going on over the holiday weekend; I will most likely not be the one doing it...check in with Natalie and Rebecca for up-to-the-minute accounts of the festivities. If it snows we'll send John out on the road with a camera and a ruler.

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rebecca said...

I was thinking of the Bennets :)

And I will blog this weekend...I'm getting back into it. NaBloPoMo was a disaster for me, though :)