Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Evermore and Evermore

Well, here it is Christmas Eve and I haven't posted in forever. This Christmas season has not been particularly busy or hectic around our house, so I can't use that as an excuse. In fact, we went out of our way this year to plan a modest, frugal celebration. (I don't know why the pile under the tree looks as big as any other year...optical illusion?)

What has been happening is that, in the midst of holiday preparations and events, my mind has been swirling with ideas and decisions to be made about a plethora of issues.* None of these things is earth-shattering in importance, none of them had to be dealt with right now, but all of them kept filling my thoughts so that thinking of something to blog about became a chore I didn't want to deal with.

*Issues, among others, include: refinancing our mortgage since the rates are pitifully low, helping my parents figure out their health insurance, finding a new pair of supportive shoes, picking a good location to plant blackberries, wondering if I should join Amazon Prime. (See, nothing earth-shattering.)

But it's Christmas Eve, all the gifts we've bought are wrapped and under the tree, all the food prep I can do for tomorrow is done, Tom is home from work, even the cats are both inside. It's starting to get cloudy outside, it's already cold (North Carolina cold, at any rate), and now my head is clearing and I'm finally starting to celebrate in my heart.

Tonight we will go to the Rogers' house for prayer meeting. Since it's Christmas Eve we will sing many wonderful Christmas carols, and I will be in wonder yet again at how much great doctrine is packed into those hymns.

Here's my favorite. This was written by Aurelius Prudentius Clemens as a response to the heresy of Arianism. Arius believed that Jesus Christ did not exist from eternity past along with God, but at some point came into being. That's a very quick and dirty summary, read the link for more specifics.

Sunday morning we had a service of Scripture readings and Advent hymns. Two of the men of our church sang this hymn, with one of them playing guitar. I wish I had a recording of that performance to share, but this one will have to do instead. I do like that this one shows the words; they are definitely worth reading.

Merry Christmas!

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