Monday, December 1, 2008

Taxonomy Of Leftovers

If one makes a casserole dish of leftover mutton (a fancy name for sheep!), some vegetables, and gravy, and tops it with mashed potatoes, one has made Shepherd's Pie.

On the other hand, if one makes the same dish with leftover beef, one has made Cottage Pie.

But, if one makes the same dish with leftover turkey, what has one made?

First, we (the "one" thing was getting awkward) must decide whether the resulting dish should be named after an occupation or a dwelling. Which leads us (or one of us) to wonder why Cottage Pie is not called "Cattle Rancher's Pie"? Do people who live in cottages never eat sheep? Do shepherds never live in cottages?

Turkey Herder's Pie? Suburban Ranch House Pie? Poultryman's Pie? What is the correct title for someone who raises poultry? Do people who live in McMansions ever eat things like this? Since nobody who lives here raises animals for a living, do we name the pie according to our occupations? Photoshop Wranglers Pie? Mom Of All Trades Pies? And why is this dish even called "pie" when it has not a morsel of pastry in it?

So many questions, and sadly, so few answers.

I do know one thing: If I don't go deal with the gravy that is bubbling over the edge of the dish, we may be naming it Smoked Out/Burned Down Hovel Pie.


Rebecca said...

I have never heard the beef "pie" called cottage pie before. I always call it shepherd's pie or sometimes hamburger pie.

Whatever the turkey pie is called, it sounds good :)

And if you read/write/say the word "pie" enough times, it sounds/looks very strange.

Natalie said...

we may be naming it Smoked Out/Burned Down Hovel Pie.

*cough, cough, choke, eyes watering* ....yeah...I think so. ;)

No, it was really delicious!!! I mean, turkey, gravy, chicken, and mashed potatoes with lots of good stuff in them...what's not to like? Well, maybe the mixed veg.

CrossView said...

Honestly, call it anything as long as I can eat and not cook! LOL!

Mrs. Darling said...

Its just called leftovers around here. LOL

Jim said...

The folks who provide us with those strange-looking and ill-proportioned birds are referred to as "growers" or "producers."

Seems like you've been eating "Grower's Pie." :)

("Producer's Pie" sounds like it might have perverse Hollyweird-esque connotations.)

Anonymous said...

How about Gobbler's Pie?

I once created a what's-int-the-cabinet leftovers casserole with tuna, cheese, milk, chicken broth, rice, peas and a little broccoli. It was good. Tasted like chicken.

Everyone loved it (go figure) and clamoured to have it again. So we held a naming contest and they voted to name it "Prairie Chicken Casserole."

Tuna of the Prairie? Who knows.

Jess R said...

Hmmmmm.. Turkey, I believe when they put in a pie it is called pot pie, but I could be wrong.

Here's another boggling food entomology puzzler...Why are they chicken patties instead of poultry patties? We call the other kind beef patties and not cow patties...(not that those sound appetizing!)