Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I Am Pondering Thinking About

•Is Colin going to need braces? I hope not, but his teeth are a mess right now, so it's hard to say. If we take him for an orthodontia consult they'll want to put a palate expander or somesuch on him. $$$

•How much I love my washer and dryer. My washer, in particular, is a technological marvel compared to what I've had before. It uses less water, but lets me do a full-immersion wash and double rinse if I want to. Best of all, it spins the clothes out so thoroughly that the washer and dryer finish their respective cycles in just about the same amount of time. I started doing laundry at 8:15 this morning and just now put the 6th load in the washer, a mere 6 hours later.

•How little I understand the economy. Or maybe how little I understand the true depths of sinfulness of the human heart.

•What to cook for dinner. It's looking like a Chicken and Rice night...heads up to the family members returning from work.

•If I make Pear Crisp with the pears that are ripening/spoiling in the garage should I follow the recipe and add the Craisins to it? Will they contaminate the whole mixture so that the Craisin Hater in our house can't eat it?

•What would make our microwave door stop functioning properly? It has one of those "push button to open" kind of deals, and it's taking two or three firm pushes followed by prying at the door with a fingernail to get it opened.

•Still pondering the craft projects. I think I'm going to attempt thick socks with worsted weight yarn before making myself go blind using the thin sock yarn. I might also make myself a decorative scarf...the kind that looks good rather than keeps warm. Natalie got me a black top for Christmas and if I wear it with black pants I'll need something to inject some color or people will think I'm from New York.

•Trying not to think about the new Consumer Protection Act that might/could/will totally screw up the American manufacturing sector. Said sector is out there, it's just composed right now of very small businesses. To my little pea brain it seems like the best course of action would be to regulate and test toys and products coming from China, and encourage small American manufacturers to create alternatives.

•Wondering if the item above means I should be stockpiling fabric, yarn, etc.? Those things will probably have to be certified, too, right? Which should mean that they'll be getting ever more expensive. I have a pretty healthy stash of cross-stitching supplies, but not much in the way of yarn. Well, maybe the government is showing me which way to go with my crafting? Hmmm....

•Considering "raising the bar to walk effortlessly underneath":


Natalie said...

1.Well, so far Colin's top teeth are well-spaced, right? So maybe they'll look good enough.

3.Yes, because that's where it all ends up when you try to think of a way this could all be untangled.

4.I like chicken and rice

5.No, the pears will contaminate it. :P

6.I noticed that yesterday when I was mopping up the water...I'm guessing it's related somehow. :/ Maybe it will resolve itself.

7.Ooo, that'll look nice. I suggest red or blue! You look good in red...and black.

10."Hit the snooze, roll over, then repeat
Make large purchases, then lose the receipts" :D ....I love the hand motion that goes with the "roll over, then repeat"!

Hmm...what about an exercise program? Would you like to ponder that as well? :)

Jim said...

Beth, most microwave doors have springs in the latch mechanism. Assuming yours has a mechanical release button (not an electrical switch of some sort), a broken latch spring could keep it from opening properly.

If you gently push the door shut, is there resistance, or does it click shut more easily than it used to?

Btw, there are decent-sized capacitors inside that outer case - don't explore around inside there unless you know how to avoid electric shock. No, unplugging the beast doesn't remove the risk, as caps can retain a high-voltage charge for a long time.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Economy... businesses... politics... many other things... ULTIMATELY, we know the Lord is in control. However, on an Earthly since, rich and/or authoritative people make a bunch of decisions that don't work for 'real people' because these 'fake people' are so disconnected from life and usually don't really care. Although, I think these fake decision-makers are beginning to see how 'real people' and their circumstances eventually affect 'fake people' and their circumstances.

(Don't mind me; I'm suffering from a couple brownie muffins and some Coke!)