Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Ch" Is Also the Beginning Sound Of...

CHat...which we had today with the CHeerful and CHarming Esbee of Life in Forsyth when we came upon her shopping for school snacks at Costco.

After church this morning we first stopped at Lowes to look at ceiling fans and debate which metal finish would best coordinate with the various metals in the kitchen. Then we headed to Costco to pick up a few things we were running out of.

I saw someone who looked familiar as I was distractedly wandering near the Health and Beauty department, looking for Natalie who had quickly located the soap she was sent to find and had moved on to the Dairy aisle to wait for us.

After we finally caught up with Natalie, and proved once again that all three of us adults really DO need these cell phones, I caught my breath and grabbed Natalie's arm.

Me: Did you see Esbee? I think it was Esbee, in the pink top, did you see her?

Natalie: (after trotting around corner and back) Yes, that's her!

Me: Did you say hi?

Natalie: No, that seems a little too stalkerish.

Me: (to Tom) We need two cartons of the eggs.

Me: (to Esbee who came around the corner suddenly) Hi! Are you Esbee?

Esbee: (looking ever-so-slightly wary) Yes, did I say something to offend you?

That will go down in my memory as the perfect blogger greeting. "Yes, did I say something to offend you?" It succinctly sums up the angst that so many of us feel about meeting Real People who have read what we write.

After we assured her that she had said nothing that we found offensive, and after we had introduced ourselves via our secret bloggy code names, we went on to have quite a pleasant CHat. I really enjoy getting to meet other bloggers and have speaking voices and mannerisms to put with the written "voice" I've grown used to reading.

As for Tom, he said very little as is his wont, but he was apparently also CHarmed by Esbee. CHarmed to the point that he didn't remember about the eggs I wanted him to pick up till we were all the way back home. :)

As we got done talking, Esbee CHastised me about my recent lack of blogging and CHallenged me to get back at it more frequently. Hey, at least writing this post was easier than trying to come up with CH snacks!!


Esbee said...

You made me blush!

You are very sweet. Thank you. :) I found you all very delightful!

Tell Natalie I've left a hot backpack tip on her blog. The tip, I mean. Not the backpack. Hot as in good, not stolen.

Oh, dear, that came out the wrong way.

Jim said...

Beth, we're announcing the formal change of familial interest status from "Slightly Bored" to "Officially Concerned."

Our unofficial recommendation: Sea Kelp

That is all...

Natalie said...

And why are we "Officially Concerned"???