Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheating With a Facebook Meme

So, on Facebook everyone who is anyone, and a lot of people who aren't, are being tagged to do this 25 Random Things About Me meme. Since not very many of my blog readers are on Facebook, and vice versa, I thought I'd let the agony of this exercise do double duty as a blog post. Because I am Lazy Like That, but y'all knew that.

1. I'm not good at doing memes.

2. Or maybe I am (sinister laugh). See how I just blew two of the items with that randomness?

3. I was very, very, extremely, terribly shy when I was a child. Except at home.

4. I got over it, but I still find it hard to function well in large groups.

5. I'm not "shy" any more, I am "introverted". Which is much more fashionable, dahlink!

6. I wanted to have 6 or 12 kids, but God in His wisdom only gave me 2. And considering how often I crave peace and quiet, that's a good thing. Although God uses my kids considerably in my sanctification, so maybe I would be more like Him by now if I had more kids?

7. My favorite color has always been blue, but now that blue is fashionable I feel my loyalty waning.

8. I don't know what to pick for a second-favorite color. I like to wear red, but saying red is your favorite color sounds so...bold, or something.

9. Pink, I could compromise and say pink. Geranium pink, leaning toward coral, not Barbie pink.

10. I love words. I get words "stuck" in my head and have to pronounce them over and over, with the emphasis on different syllables.

11. I used to be able to make snap decisions, but after I got married that ability went away. Probably because I married Mr. Analytical. Now I overthink things even more than he does. :)

12. I find it easier to talk to men than to women, to the point that I butt into male conversations most inappropriately. If I ever have to receive church discipline it will be for arguing with men about politics. I also immensely prefer having a male boss to a female one. This might be because I have two brothers and no sisters and my mom has never been the girly-girl sistery type.

13. My dad taught me to argue when I was very young. My mom says that when I was a toddler (younger than 2, at any rate) I would hang out in the bathroom to watch my dad shave. He and I would argue while he shaved. He would say something like "So, do you like that bathmat over there?" and I would say "It's not a bathmat, it's a RUG!" We would go back and forth "bathmat!" "rug!"...presumably until he got done shaving and went to finish getting ready for work. Apparently my dad can argue and shave at the same time without cutting himself. :)

14. I use adverbs such as "presumably", "apparently", "inappropriately", and "definitely" a lot. And, yes, I did check the online dictionary to verify that those were adverbs before putting them on this list.

15. I just asked Colin to help me with this by telling me a random thing about me. He said, "You stay in front of the computer almost all day." Ouch...

16. I like tea, hot or iced, no sugar or sweetener, sometimes lemon. I do not like coffee.

17. I am a cat person. I grew up having cats and dogs as pets, but never really developed a big love for dogs. I mean, I like them...I just don't want to live with them.

18. I'm a cat person to the point that I feel like I can think like a cat, which is sometimes helpful. To my cats I am The Mom Cat, and they know that if they do not obey they will be punished cat-fashion...I bop their noses lightly and hiss in their faces.

19. If you knew how really weird I am under the surface (oh, maybe you do?) you wouldn't think #18 was so strange. :)

20. I almost never feel properly dressed or comfortable in my clothes. I never have, and quite possibly (adverb!) never will.

21. I make myself a detailed to-do list every day. If I didn't I would feel as though I never accomplished anything. By "detailed" I mean I have things on there like "eat breakfast" and "read newspaper".

22. I never know what to eat for breakfast. It's supposedly (adverb!) the most important meal of the day, but I put it off for hours until I get hungry enough to just grab anything and eat. I need to have a breakfast cook on staff who will have a perfect nutritious breakfast prepared and ready for me the minute I hit the kitchen in the morning.

23. Natalie had a book when she was little called "Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch", in which the heroine of the story received a "wall-to-wall refrigerator with built-in automatic foodmaker". I want one of those.

24. My favorite season is Fall. My favorite days are cool, crisp, and sunny. Second favorite would be cool and misty.

25. Because of #24, if I could live anywhere in the US I would choose either Colorado or the Pacific Northwest. Outside of the US, I would pick Ireland. Or Wales...but I would worry about the nocturnal badgers.

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mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Interesting list... I also like adverbs and sometimes say words or numbers over in my head. Sometimes I see a random word or list on a license plate or sign and then forget why I know the word or am thinking the word after I have 'said' it a couple times.

I should be careful scrolling the page as I am reading because the first time I read #17, I read 'I dress up' [like a cat,] rather than 'I grew up liking cats...'LOL!